Wave genetic code

In our research [e.g., 25] We prove, that protein synthesis is just one example of the genetic coding for the wave, the strategic level, and interpret genetic memory extended as solitonno-holographic, in genome-biokomp′ûteru.
We develop ideas Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and radiation on chromosomes Beklemishev, "genome-Orchestra". Really, If you compare the "record" of the future body's egg with the DNA of the notation, the one musical phrase is able to restore all the associative musical images in our memory, If we ever hear a melody.
Taking this, We leave on the figurative, the coding structure of the sign of the body'S DNA sequences, i.e. they, the sequence of nucleotides, are something of a sounding and visible texts, but not in a metaphorical sense-styles, and indeed the unknown until the languages of divine origin in difficult-rhythmic (musical-like?) wave arrangement.
But whether the chromosome to radiate light and sound? The experiments give clearly positive response. Acoustic field of chromosomes, generated as living cells and their nuclei, and selected chromosome preparations of DNA, It is difficult to place, can acquire the structure of solitons, and most importantly, capable of distant broadcast Geno-wave information [1,8,25,26-29].
Genetic molecules dualističny — as a substance, They also work as sources of iconic fields. The Chromosome, as an iconic figure any Biosystems, split on multi-dimensional fractal semiotic structure of substances and fields, coded by Divine Providence. Note, the beginnings of these ideas and experiments did not arise in a vacuum (Read more about it at [25] ).
The first were, as mentioned, Gurvich, Lûbiŝev and Beklemishev (20s - 40s), then, in a few decades,, in Novosibirsk, A.n. Mosolov (1980g.), and then, a team of scientists from the Institute of General Physics of the ACADEMY of (1984.) using light microscopy and laser found in cell nuclei (chromosomes) some neurons vibrating (sounding) spherical education. A.n. Mosolovym assumed, they are sources of information and the power of genetic, and more precisely, embryonic fields in the spirit of ideas of A.g. Gurvich, but with a substantial amendment: in the first place, It's not photon field, Secondly, found sound radiation, on's, have holographic backgrounds[4]. It was the first clearly formulated the hypothesis of symbol-bearing (shaped) wave holographic structures higher Biosystems genome. This hypothesis we have developed on the basis of own research.
We went in a slightly different way, in the early stages of attempting to prove the correctness of physico-mathematical model of Inglendera, his proposed in 1980., the special wave conditions, DNA-solitons. Then there were numerous solitons theoretical models, but no one until 1991. solitons on DNA experiments not found. In 1985. Photon correlation spectroscopy we have fix unusual abnormally long damping (sound) In vitro DNA changing spectral composition, specially distributed over time. This observation was so unusual, that was taken as experimental error and, therefore, forgotten for 6 years until, When we reiterated that work.