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On all matters, associated with matrices, contact Leonova-Garyaeva Ekaterina, as well as to our center. In connection with the heavy workload at the moment, it is not always possible to answer you quickly.

For a guaranteed answer, we ask you to write to the e-mail:

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Centre “Biokvant”

opening hours: Mon.- Sun.. 10:00-18:00
+7 (495) 155-29-91

Bioresonance diagnostics on the apparatus of bioresonance diagnostics - only according to Sb.- Sun.. 10:00-19:00

You can ask your questions either by e-mail, or by phone of bioquant center: +7 968 754-85-81, Olga Fedorovna (WhatsApp)
Calls and chat messages are accepted every day, except Monday and Tuesday,
as well as holidays from 11.00 to 18.00 Moscow time.

For the organization of video interviews with feedback on the use of products, as well as specialists and experts in the field of scientific knowledge, please contact the specialist of the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev, Maria Vladimirovna Radova by phone 8-985-732-22-75 (Telegram WhatsApp).

We will answer you, as soon , as possible.
For the convenience of users, the reception in the center "Bioquant" is carried out by appointment.

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Garyaev Matrix

1st floor BIOQUANT to the right of the third entrance, Varshavskoe highway, 51 building 3, Moscow, 115230

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