Wave genetic code

[5]. The ideas of Russian biologists Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev, a giant intellectual achievement, much operedivšee my time.
The essence of their thoughts in the triad:
1. Dualističny genes as they stuff and pitch.
2. Field equivalent chromosomes mark space-time of an organism and thus control the development of Biosystems.
3. Genes have an aesthetically pleasing shape and voice regulatory functions.
Modern molecular biology, Genetics and Embryology, After a long way of development, completed a revolution in the understanding of the essence of life. It was strictly materialističnym, more precisely, material. The genes in this sense is the only substance. And when this substance is examined in detail — DNA, opening the so-called genetic code, It turned out to be, that this is clearly a little.
The key problem in biology is the succession of generations, heredity, embryogenesis is not disclosed, Moreover, at an impasse, However a higher rank. The situation is reminiscent of the situation in classical physics, the beginning of the 20th century, When opening the elementary particles of matter matter seemingly has disappeared, left something, called uncertain term "energy". Here and in biology, the more precise the understanding of DNA throughout the central dogma of the DNA-RNA-Protein, the farther we go from strategy to build a genome Biosystems. But if physicists with dignity take as reality paradoxes: "here and there", wave and particle are aligned ", "electron resonates with the universe", vacuum is nothing, but it is all "and so. d., the biology only have to go through a similar path (The Tao Of Biology), and it will be much harder. In fact, we have already walked out on him, in time remembering thought Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev. Our goal was and is, to develop their conceptual triad in the context of contemporary knowledge and our findings on the theory and practice of the development and use of tools and technology wave correction Biosystems.
The purpose of the work: show a dualistic interpretation of the eukaryotic genome at the levels of the substances and fields within the physical and mathematical models, connecting the formalism of solitonoobrazovaniâ in DNA on the example of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam, as well as holographic memory and other chromosome continuum as biokomp′ûtera, associated with the will of the creator. Show the possibility of conventional and "anomalous" operation modes of eukaryotic genome using wave figurative-symbolic matrices, as well as endogenous and exogenous (independent of the Creator) semiotiko-linguistic components. Find experimental proof of the proposed theory of wave shape and figurative-genome matrices as linguistic structures strategic management metabolism higher Biosystems. The practical orientation of the present study:the theoretical and experimental justification of convolution, transposition and resonance of supergenetičeskoj information from biodonora to bioakceptoru; It passed èpigenosignaly may exist as acousto-electromagnetic solitons in the phenomenon of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam and semantic character ranges of the genetic structures, also realized in the form of a soliton excitations; the theoretical and experimental justification of the unity of the fractal structure of human speech and text structures of genetic molecules of DNA and RNA; This provision became the basis for the development of methodology for introduction of a regulatory framework of initial quasi-verbal structures in the form of modulated electromagnetic solitons in the genome of plants;the theoretical-experimental substantiation of possibility of creation of artificial DNA-logical devices (biokomp′ûterov) using wave (holographic and other) principles of memory, comparable on the mechanisms and possibilities of genetic; in the creation of soft regulatory occurrence in previously unknown areas of the genome of higher semiotic biosystem for treatment, create hybrids, extend the life of the people, formation of the human body as harmonious and sustainable structure to adverse factors.