For whom

Programs, recorded from blood, placenta, or from photos of children primarily work for the donors of these biomaterials and for their immediate family members. For example, a program, based on a photo, placenta and umbilical cord blood of the child , can be used by the parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, ets. It make sense to use this program for the children , if the they fell seriously ill. Also in their adulthood.

The is important. There is a "green corridor" for using our technology of health correction for the donor and his family. If you get into it, the positive impact is within high probability. If not, it may not happen. What does it mean to get into a "green corridor"?
That means:
1. The child on the photo must be healthy child and alone (no one holds or stays next to them),
2. Picture taken at the right time and in the right place (Cosmo-Heliophysical conditions at the time of shooting impacts the picture . There is an effect, discovered by Dr, Prof. Simon Shnoll (CAF. Biophysics, Physics. Faculty of MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY).
3. There is no negative Carma.
We can't control 2nd and 3rd conditions, therefore, let's work on the first one – you can change the photo (if the positive effect of the program is not observed after 8-12 months of working with it). In this case, send us another photo marked – "repeated" and no payment is required.
Another important point: The patients often write to us, for example – "I've been listening for 10 days, and there is no effect… ". The answer. Our methods are not the magic wand or magic pill , take it and you are good. You are young and beautiful. No, it is a long-term work that required faith and positive attitude. Lying on the couch, nothing will happen. Quick positive effects are also happen. Rarely, but they are happen. In extreme conditions of patients. In the final stages of 4th degree cancer. Or a hemorrhage in the brain, coupled with paralysis.
Everyone wants to get young fast. But don't forget, that the process of rejuvenation, triggered by the program based on the spectra of the placenta and umbilical cord blood of baby photo , CAN'T BE FASTER THAN THE AGING PROCESS. Although this phenomenon is not linear, and there are exceptions. We had a case, three patients in their 60th and 70th. They returned the menstrual cycle after a year of use program-matrices by their baby photos. A menstrual cycle is a clear marker for the young state of the organism.

All matrices are unique because you are made by the individual order.

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