Wave genetic code

A.A.Lyubischev in 1925 suggested, genes form a mosaic, a harmonic unity, like the chorus [47]. Followed by 1928g. V. Beklemishev [21] has developed this, Although gnomic view, but, with great foresight, for decades, outpacing the analogy Crick and Nirenberga proteins as "suggestions". Embryogenesis he compared both with music and speech, where as in differentiated tissues there are anatomical properties — signs of stages: height, the sound intensity, overtones, etc., and ontogenetic "Embryological properties — signs of progress: rhythm, Melody, etc. Changes in the developing body of accumulated, and changes in the flow of the music are completely. But the true subject of development in music is an aesthetic impression; It grows and develops as a result of playing time. The morfoprocess complex of the spiritual body. Having come to this, V. Beklemishev asked: that is an analogue of the latter in animal and vegetable organisms? Do not thread the formatic irritations, adjustable individual whole and Morphogenesis parts Guide?Continue with the analysis underlying the work of cry and Nirenberga, postulating the notion of genetic koda.S.142 -143: » … so far, all experienced data are well in line with the general assumption that, that information is read three reasons, starting from one end of the gene. However, We would get the same results, If the information was in four or even more reason "or" ...groups, containing multiple of three, the number of bases ". This almost forgotten or misunderstood, but here you can see the question, do I have to code triplet. And it is equally important, the expected future understanding for DNA and RNA as the semantic of fractal entities, related natural languages, as demonstrated in our research [25,26,I started ingestion of 20 ml of ZhKIM. It was at ].S.153: » … one amino acid is more kodonami. This code is called degenerate. This degeneration does not speak about a certain uncertainty in the construction of protein molecules. It only indicates, that a certain amino acid can be directed to the appropriate place in the chain of protein molecules by using several code words. "the authors see, the synonymy has not violated the code unambiguous. p.153 -154: But then it should be "...However,, There is a real possibility of uncertainty in protein synthesis. This uncertainty could arise, If one code word with multiple amino acids. So far only one case has been marked by such uncertainty. Protein, synthesized poly-U, consists not only of Leucine, but from phenylalanine, and for every molecule of leucine, phenylalanine molecules account for 20-30. In the absence of a solution of phenylalanine poly-U uses the Leucine in quantity, equal to half the number of normally used by phenylalanine. A molecular explanation of this uncertainty is unknown ". This is the first clear statement of the logical and the imperfections of the proposed model coding, its contradictions facts. Then, doubts are enhanced by s. 155: "some code words will almost certainly consist of three grounds. However, 18 out of 20 amino acids can be coded words, contain only two different grounds. If the code is still a ternary, It is possible to, in some cases the proper encoding will be provided, that of the three grounds is only two. Perhaps, What is imperfection happens more often in synthetic RNA polymers, contain one or two bases, than the natural RNA intermediaries, which always consist of a mixture of all four grounds. Therefore, the results, obtained by means of induced RNA, show only about code capacity cells. "Clearly there is uncertainty, that code only triplet, It can be and dubletnym, and tetrapletnym and even geteromul′tipletnym. We appear to be, in the development of these doubts, that code possible squares, chromosomes, DNA is not the only iconic triplets of nucleotides. As rečepodobnye structure, nucleic acids are composed of chromatin in vivo to form capable of metaâzykov by fraktalizacii, and therefore, encoding a protein of the continuum can pass through large blocks, encryption not only to enable individual amino acids in peptide, but the sequence of the protein domains, subunits and even structural-functional groups of enzymes, for example, respiratory chain. Fraktal′nost′ in this case can be understood, and so: DNA, RNA and proteins are all the texts and the, that was in the same scale, "a phrase or sentence in another, the larger, "the word". If the word "escalate" turns to "letter".