biomatrix Garyaeva

The Institute of Linguistics-Wave Genetics, under the guidance of Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, P. Garâeva, based on the principles of conservation of previously unknown information, developed technology for producing cosmetic creams.
biomatrix Garyaeva


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These principles are used by our body and its cells to, to, in particular, how to preserve youth and health long as possible. But at some point, the body starts to age. We also succeeded in using these technologies to stop the aging process a bit.

quantum information
cosmetic cream

What is the difference of the quantum-information cream from other creams? Typically a cream contain various substances, which, by sucking, if it enters the blood, quickly fall under the influence of various enzymes into components, which are not always helpful, and sometimes harmful. In the quantum-information creams we use a quantum-information counterparts of many substances, which, in the preparation of cosmetic creams are often unstable, not always fit together, or they are very costly.

biomatrix Garyaeva

Quantum Information cream devoid of these disadvantages, and fully retain the properties of the rare and expensive biologically active substances. We were convinced, using quantum chemical equivalents purely therapeutic compounds with a high positive effect, but quickly break down into harmful products of metabolism. Quantum equivalents of these therapeutic compounds can in principle not decay and change their properties. They remain unchanged and only therapeutic indefinitely. We called them the Matrix Liquid Quantum Information (ZhKIM). For Example, we used ZHKIM for the successful and rapid recovery from an incurable syndrome of diabetic foot ulcers. And the only thing, They suggested that doctors in this situation - it is a complete amputation. Now, with the help of ZHKIM treat fatal burns and frostbite. As an illustration, we give our article about treatment of diabetic foot.

Those same properties inherent ZHKIM and quantum-information creams, although we did not plan to use them as healing. But if it happened, it is essential and helpful - a quantum-information cream – is both a cosmetic and a source of beneficial and long-term effects on the human skin and stabilize its young state, as well as the whole person.