Wave genetic code

It was found, that DNA has the ability to automatically (quasi-spontaneously) synthesis of nezamolkaûŝuû complex "Melody" with repeated musical phrase [8,25,I started ingestion of 20 ml of ZhKIM. It was at ]. Such repetitions on a number of grounds resembled the solitonnyj process in the form of so-called Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU), and variations in DNA is akin to the, that watched Mosolov, etc.
Briefly about the return of FPU.
If the chain of oscillators (pendulum), United springs with nonlinear relationships, bring one of these, There will be an unusual oscillation with replication (backtrack) initial excitation energy. This is a kind of "memory" of all nonlinear systems, inherent and DNA molecules, that demonstrated the level of theoretical model of A.a. Berezin[5]. But in the DNA of this memory, such returns, is of particular importance. It can carry semiotičeskuû load and act as a kind of "gene" is a wave solitons with the internal vibrational structure, slavery-, probably, with holograms [25]. However, for a selective "reading" in vivo genetic holograms of solitons and within the chromosome continuum Biosystems to liquid crystal laser field of chromosome apparatus. For many years it tried to find and reproduce outside a living cell. In principle, the, We did it. We've got the laser radiation on DNA and chromosome preparations using dvuhfotonno-raised luminescence [18].
Now about the wave (èpigenetičeskogo, supergenetičeskogo) the level of the chromosome and its implementation through technical devices. In 1957. in China, the researcher Jan Kan′džèn started, and with 70-ies.. in Russia continued the supergenetičeskie experiments, that echoed predvideniâmi Gurvich, Lûbiŝeva and Vladimir Beklemishev. With the 60-ies.. in Novosibirsk, academician V.p. Kaznačeevym and his school studies were initiated, to confirm the idea of distant wave iconic intercellular interactions. They opened the so-called citopatičeskij mirror effect, When cultures of living cells and tissues, hermetically separated quartz glass, Exchange wave regulatory information, related functions of the genetic apparatus. Real and accurate experiments on wave genetics first began to hold Jiang Kan′džèn. Summary of the known[6].
Appliance Jiang Kan′džèna, distant (dozens of centimeters) passing "wave genes" from donor to recipient, uses its own radiation Biosystems-donors, with, According to the author, only in the microwave range of the electromagnetic fields.
Author's theoretical background effects, the equipment, needs significant improvement. However, experimental data are convincing. This "wave" of wheat and maize hybrids, peanut and sunflower seeds, cucumber and melon, Duck and chicken, goat and rabbit. The hybrids of signs of hereditary transmission.

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