Information-wave capsule

Lingvistiko theory of wave Genetics gives a number of postulates, that can and should find confirmation in medical applied against.

The Chief of these purely theoretical positions is the functioning of certain quantum equivalents genetic-metabolichskih structures, with functions, similar material proobrazam, for example genes, as well as other important molecules in our body. Experimental evidence has been obtained for the crucial Act of materializing quantum phantoms DNA [DNA Decipher Journal | March 2016 | Volume 6| Issue 1 | pp. 01-11

Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice., as in reality work for the benefit of the people, Quantum genetic-metabolic equivalents of structures? A substantial portion of these practices we already have, Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice.. Now at a new stage, we worked out the technology for the use of such matrices in option information-wave capsule.

Information-wave capsule is a complex geometric design from reflecting structures defined composition, that enhances the acoustic radiation especially the patient, receiving healing sessions directly in the capsule. Radiation of the patient's physical fields are corrected and amplified so, that achieved the maximum healthy condition of patient. This correction is done, as the main character component, sound matrix P.p. Garjaeva, Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice..

Use audible range lies in the frequency range of human speech, and contains bioactive beginning in the form of spinornoj components. In chemistry has a powerful direction regulation of chemical reactions of spinornymi fields, called spintronikoj. In our case, – This biospintronika functions of genetic macromolecules DNA, RNA and proteins.

Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice.. Development of Lingvistiko-wave genetics comes from the works of A.g. Gurvich 20-x-40-ies.

Unlike normal (Classic) Genetics and molecular biology, Lingvistiko-wave genetics operates concepts distant wave workers transferred genes (Quantum equivalents or "phantoms" DNA) and considering the genetic apparatus as nano bio computer, able to take decisions and management biosistemoj on the principles of laser physics, holography, Quantum nonlocality and Linguistics.

Essential difference Lingvistiko-wave genetics from classical Genetics is different understanding of principles of coding key regulatory metabolites organisms-their proteins. It is also a failure to raise the intellectual level of people orders due to quantum effects in not directed local landmark operation of neurons in the brain.

People feedback, cured of incurable diseases our technologies, Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice.:
1) about the reality of existence and operation of the waveforms of genetic information;
2) the genome has a text entity with the rudiments of a quasi consciousness at the level of chromosome nanobiokompjutinga;
3) about, that, realizing this, Now it's time to put this phenomenon into practice., to enable us to operate with administering senses Geno-DNA and their quantum equivalents, as well as holograms chromosome continuum, Designer Spaces-Time construction of the Biosystems.

This all-new soft factors, not invasive quantum strategic functions of the human body and the whole biota. And all this finds use in theoretical substantiation of principles of information-wave capsule.

In plain language, without complicating the understanding of the physical and mathematical digressions and genetic coding theory, the essence of the work of information-wave capsule comes down to a positive management of information physical human body fields.
IFPs have been studied for a long time and for the most part, to no avail. To make matters worse, information and physical fields turned into a bird feeder for the charlatans of all stripes, Turning science into mystique. But seen, really, quantum physics, underlying information and physical fields, is very unusual for the layman and, in some cases, goes beyond formal logic.

For Example, the so-called "tangled" (not separated) elementary particles (photons, electrons, etc.) When you delete in different directions can instantly transmit information to each other elementary particles (photons, electrons, etc.) When you delete in different directions can instantly transmit information to each other regardless of the distance. About this mentioned above, but to recap. This effect, even Einstein smushhavshij, got the name quantum phenomenon or locality not Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (ESR). This immediacy, It would seem, beyond logic. After all, we are accustomed to, that the cause precedes the investigation, and here they work in pairs at the same time. Than not mysticism? But this is a quantum, scientific mystery (the term adopted in the official science). I don't accidentally say EPR, Since the main information processes in the human body are connected with ESR and, First of all, with our genetic apparatus, that is a challenge to the "Classical genetics". Let Me Remind you, that genetic information is not only and not so much for, that children are like their parents.

Genetic information strategically manages the entire Biochemistry and human physiology. And if we can manage through a quantum genetic-metabolic and physiological processes in the human body, then we can (and already in many respects capable) adjust its health and prolong his life. We have developed a matrix technology work in this direction has already brought us unprecedented results in the field of regenerative medicine (in the following examples, we used complex treatment- audio programs, administering programmed stem cells) When we returned the sight to the blind and regenerate injured spinal cord. Man, which was totally paralyzed for many years, now back to active life, drive a car, has business.

The so-called incurable diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, Downism, scars from frostbite, facing amputation of limbs, and other terrible diseases amenable to adjusting our matrix technology. We have patents and priorities.

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