Individual programs of the Garyaev matrix

Матрицы Гаряева

Informative medicine

The informative medicine treats using the information which is a replica of the quantum state of the healthy human being . This information is correct deviations from the normal state
In fact, we founded and are developing "bio-spintronics" technologies., which open up wide possibilities in the field of information medicine. We offer individual programs by Dr. Peter Garyaev matrices: based on photos, umbilical cord blood, placenta or hairline bulb.
Using our technologies we obtain recordings of particular audible spectrums, that we use to transform a patient's medical condition into a healthy one.
The first recording is made using our special laser capable of generating photons that change their polarization (the state of their spin). That is, we record information from the survey of any object (cell and tissues, bioactive products, photographs and others). Such a recording is a kind of large capacity library.
The second step, inseparable from the first is to rework the photons of the laser, from the survey and having absorbed the spin bioinformation, to make a broad spectrum electromagnetic recording, which includes the radio wave spectrum and the spin component.
This transformation is carried out in accordance with the "physical theory of polarized light".
Radio wave recording, which contains photonic information, is then scanned and converted to an audio file.
Listening to this recording causes almost ALL of the library to be inserted into the patient's brain..

Where to start

To use our technology, we offer programming Garyaev program-matrices in WAVE format, umbilical cord blood and placenta of newborn babies or immediate healthy relatives. In other words, a person, wishing to improve their health and return to a younger state, can go two ways…


Everyone wants to get young quickly. But don't forget, that the process of rejuvenation, launched by us under the programs of placental spectra, umbilical cord blood of newborns and their children's photos, CAN'T BE FASTER THAN THE AGING PROCESS. Although this phenomenon is not linear and there are exceptions…

Types of matrices

To use our technology, individual programs are drawn up Garyaev program-matrices, which are complemented by universal and other programmes, wave (spinor) displaying different, long used in medicine, bioactive substances of natural origin…


One of the many practical results of Linguistic-Wave Genetics was the creation of working, Efficient Liquid Quantum Information Matrices (ZHKM), biological substances obtained through programming, prepared in a special way…

for whom

Programs Garyaev program-matrices, recorded from blood, placenta, placenta or children's photos , work for donors of these biomaterials in the first place, as well as their immediate family. For example, if you are using a child's biomaterial or photo, it can be used by, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers…


Autism affects every 88th child in the world. Knowing the grammar of such genetic texts and the laws of creation of chromosome holograms in the genome, it is possible to correct pathological changes in the chromosomes and the human body as a whole that occur in the course of diseases…

Quantum information cosmetology

Methods of Linguistic-Wave Genetics allow not only to record spinor information, but also transfer it to other substances. One of the practical applications of this is the creation of a new direction in cosmetology - quantum-information cosmetology. The Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics has developed a unique composition of creams, including only natural ingredients, such as Shilajit, Cedar resin, Maclura, etc. Creams saturate with information, taken from rare medicinal herbs, as well as from stones, Minerals. In their physical quality, they are difficult to introduce into creams due to the loss of properties during processing, storage instability, Substances are not always combined with each other, And others. The information is the same, taken from these substances, is devoid of the above restrictions when it is introduced into creams, and also gives the whole body an impetus to recovery and recovery. The skin acts as an important component of the body, His health detector.

The combined use of quantum-information cosmetology and the Garyaev matrix program gives a powerful healing effect. In the future, there is the creation of creams with the application of an individual matrix program on them.


In the process of developing technologies of linguistic-wave genetics in relation to the correction of people's health, we were surprised to find, that the energy status of people is significantly increased. People write to us about it and thank. We imagined, that we work only with information processes in the human body, partially returning it to a younger state, using the so-called. spinor spectra of cord blood and placenta of healthy newborns and their photos for those, who wanted to at least partially return to a younger state. And it really works., which can be seen in reviews , feedback from those who were using our matrices. However, the high level of energy recovery of most patients surprised us..
Clearly, what if you become younger, then you became more energetic. But in our case this effect, probably, some others, additional, previously unknown , processes. We are working on this right now.. Prospects are promising. Especially, that another amazing property of the spinor spectra of photographs of already adult people was discovered.
Primary results on volunteers showed, what you can do (with the right set of conditions) mix (mix) spectra of different people without any harm to them. The result of this is, for example, increase in the physical strength of the recipient of such spinor information, if the donor of information is physically more developed, than its recipient. Seemingly, this also applies to mental abilities. Work continues in this direction.
Spin informational states of biophotons occupy a central place in our research. The scientific basis of the results obtained is the phenomenon of the so-called. entangled states of elementary particles, including photons. And this is fundamental, that photons, because our own photons (biophotons) play a key role in regulating all the functions of our body.

Important to know

Information medicine does not mean the abandonment of conventional medicine, but complements it.
Mention, physical activity should not be canceled. "Reign, lying on your side" will not work.
In the early days of listening to universal programs, as well as individual, there may be some short-term (no more than 5 days) deterioration of well-being, because your body is rebuilding. You can take a short break for 1-2 days.


It's recommended to use Garyaev program-matrices in the morning, daytime and evening. Sometimes, in severe disease states, programs can be used around the clock - in repeat mode. We should worn, that after a day or two, the user may experience some discomfort, but they go away fast. It's natural., as the human body is gradually rebuilt, adjusting to a new healthy state. If you experience more prolonged exacerbations, you need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume. It could be the case, that the choice of the photo is poor, and a new one should be submitted .

Nutritional recommendations


The process of obtaining information from the photograph of a person, particularly children's photos is based on quantum physics, specifically laser physics. Theoretical terms and ideas are based on the work of David Bohm, well-known specialist in the field of plasma physics. Significant contributions to the understanding of human photo-image spectroscopy were made by famous physicist G.I.Shipov, who developed the theory of torsion (spinor) fields. Contributions to the problem of quantum information recordings from photographs were made by geneticist P.Garyaev, leading to the different understanding of genetic coding in comparison with the commonly accepted model.
[Gariaev P.r. Another understanding of the model of genetic code. Theoretical analysis. Open Journal of genetics, 2015, 5, 92-109].

The work with photography was preceded by research from the Garâeva group on the transfer of genetic information over long distances using torsion field. They were successful and research continues. When the idea of the long distance (several kilometers) wave transmission of genetic information were confirmed experimentally, P.Garyaev proposed the idea of obtaining the genetic information using photographs of people. A photograph of a person is not just a flat picture copy of that person, but it contains a lot of information about that person, including the genetic snapshot. Relevant ideas from Bohm can be briefly summarized as follows: everything that exists in our world appears in the universal hologram, and this applies to all living beings, people included. Each one of us has imprints in the universal hologram, all events from birth to death. And this image with all its characteristics, with all its genes, will be stored forever in the hologram. If we can connect to this hologram using the photograph, we can take complete information about this person at any age, It is possible to treat the person using the health information of the child on the photo as soon as that child was healthy and free from many diseases.
I am often asked about the validity of information retrieved from images using laser because the images are only photo emulsions, and this is a profound mistake. There is a photonic image of the person in the photograph, soaring above the photo. Special laser beam photons, which we use for retrieval of information, interfere with the photons of the image of the person in the photo and in the 1mm laser spot beam cross-section the so-called traveling-wave hologram intensity of the colliding beams of photons. This is described in our article.
[Gariaev, P. (P)., Some Aspects of Wave Gene Transmission. DNA Decipher Journal | December 2015 | Volume 5 | Issue 3 | pp. 155-173 Korneev, ((A)). ((A)). ISSN: 2159-046X DNA Decipher Journal Published by QuantumDream, Inc. Institute of Quantum Genetics LLC, Moscow, Russia.] While it is important that the scattering of laser photons on the surface of the picture takes place over a large area, the spot beam provides an additional contribution to the hologram traveling wave intensity. With this method of scanning photographs we eventually get torsion sound spectrum photo, which patients listen to. Theoretical and technical details of the process are given in the links to our articles.
The most important thing is that the range of the photograph acts as health correction factor, and this is the practical verification of the effectiveness of the spectra. We have received hundreds of reviews with testimonies of the cures. For Example, the unprecedented cases of retinal regeneration with vision restoration , regeneration of part of the small intestine, healings of eye maculopathy with vision recovery, cure of cystic fibrosis, cancer, the return of the menstrual cycle in an 80-year-old woman, as a marker of a younger state of her organism, etc..
P. P. Garyaev
Doctor of biological sciences
Director of the Institute of Linguistics-Wave Genetics,



Matrix by Dr. Garyaev
We recommend that you listen to everything. It can be arbitrarily divided into parts, for example groups of three (troika). Listen to each for 1-2 days, and later on, after adaptation, you can listen to all the pieces together. Subjectively, based on how you feel the experiences, you can define the files which are the best for your perception and listen mainly them . The volume should not be too loud. Listen to them upon awakening, in the afternoon and at bedtime. You can include a background if you wish during sleep. You can use the headphones. Before listening to it is desirable to tune in to the program, completely relax, remove any extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings or just about anything in order not to think. Although this is not a requirement, programs can be kept running while you go about your daily affairs, but this is a little bit less effective.


Information medicine shall not constitute a waiver of conventional medicine, but it is complimentary.
Note: you cannot cancel physical activity. In the initial stages of listening, both the universal and individual programs, there may be some short-term (no more than 5 days) deterioration of health, because your body is being rebuilt. You can take a break for 1-2 days if needed.


Use of the programs matrix by Dr. Garyaev should be morning, day and evening. Sometimes, in diseases with very painful conditions, the program can be used 24 hours a day-in repeat mode. Be mindful that in a day or two in there may be some discomfort, but it quickly passes. This is natural, since the body slowly rebuilds and adapts to new health conditions. In case of longer acute need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume.
Or, if the photo that was chosen fails, you can use a new one.
Practical application of matrices on the seminars of Raisa Mansurova.


Studio Wave Relax

Studio WaveRelax (.. WaveRelax- wave relaxation) invites you to classes using IWT methodology.
Information-wave therapy (IVT) – it is the relaxation of the body with the help of sounds of a certain frequency and vibrations, relaxing the body and restoring the psycho-emotional state of a person, which improves mood, metabolism and increased vitality. Classes at the WaveRelax studio are an excellent addition to the procedures at the IVC(information-wave capsule) and IEP(information and energy pyramid), as well as to individual listening to matrices.
In conjunction with “lungs” meditations, as well as breathing and physical exercises, the IWT method allows you to start the processes of internal self-regulation in the human body.
Positive affirmations and positive attitude, achieved in the process of classes help to concentrate thoughts and emotions, influencing psychosomatics, due to which there is a state of internal balance and harmony with the outside world, awakening inner strength, necessary to overcome life's obstacles and achieve your goals.
The ICT is based on the sound matrices of the doctor of biological sciences Petr Garyaev, which is a system of sounds, reminiscent of the sound of sea waves and radio interference, recorded at special frequencies, harmonious with one's own vibrations. This resonance explains the ability of sounds to activate different areas of the brain., responsible for thinking, emotional background and life mood in general. There is a conscious active work with matrices through deep, psychological work with your inner world .
The main goal of ICT classes – learn the art of self-regulation, reveal the hidden potential and activate the vital resources of the body for the benefit of your health and longevity. Our thoughts, words and actions create waves and vibrations of a specific quality and property in the surrounding space, and it is this ability of a person that completely determines his internal state (state of mind and body) . After all, even the state of happiness in most cases does not depend on, where are we, what is happening to us, what is our social status, happiness is determined by our thoughts, what we think about at the moment, what wave are we on. The mental structure of the human brain is like an antenna, receiving a signal from the outside world and it just needs to be properly configured.
Mental abilities of the brain (work at the level of thought forms), when properly activated, allow us to expand our consciousness and program the body at the gene level for self-healing, therefore the power of thought and sound are capable of “to create miracles”.
Man at 70% – 80% consists of water and his body absorbs information like a sponge, both from the external and from the internal environment, writing it at the molecular level in DNA cells. The memory of water is manifested in its ability to be structured. Water molecules under the influence of various sound vibrations form structures, which store information about “heard”. Known, that vibrations propagate well in a liquid medium, therefore, every cell of the body responds to the movement of sound waves and enters into resonance, due to which the healing effect occurs.
Matrix Sound Synchronization, thoughtforms, speech apparatus through pronunciation “alive” words (letters, syllables, phrases in various genres ( poems, mantras, etc.…)) are able to unleash a huge life potential in the body and launch a self-regulation program.
As we know, each human organ is tuned to a certain frequency.. There is also a system of correspondence of chakras or energy centers to different frequencies.. That is, literally each chakra sounds on a certain note.. In this way, we can attune different energy centers with certain sounds and activate the energy of different energy centers. Modern research confirms these phenomena..
Its useful to note, what exactly is the Russian language and Sanskrit, which is similar in many respects to it (ancient indian language, means -“perfect”) are the most figurative and high-vibration speech in the world. Having very high vibrations, Russian letters and words have a healing power., so they can be called “alive”. We had a case “alive” words spoken on water make it healing, after all, it was not in vain that our ancestors healed the soul and body “alive” water, remember Russian fairy tales.
And of course, the wonderful lines of the writer Ivan Turgenev:
“In the days of doubt, in the days of painful reflections on the fate of my Motherland, - you are my only support and support, oh great, Mighty, Truthful and Free Russian language! But you can't believe, lest such a language be given to the Great Nation!”

In addition to matrices, in the process of training, soothing and relaxing music is also used with components of various musical instruments - hanga., drinking cups, beat the bells, flutes, etc., sounds of nature and space, that have a beneficial effect on human health, exerting a harmonizing effect not only on the nervous, but all systems as a whole.

During the classes at the WaveRelax studio, you will be able to:

– learn the art of self-regulation
– get rid of stress, depression, balance the emotional background
- get rid of anxiety and self-doubt
- Relieve tension in muscles and body, removing energy blocks and stagnation in the body
- strengthen the work of the nervous, endocrine, immune and other body systems
- restore broken harmony at the cellular level and increase vitality
-go through a mental transformation and a complete renewal through a reassessment of life values, getting rid of old stereotypes of thinking and behavior, through a new level of awareness and understanding

It is not possible to give a guarantee of getting rid of any serious diseases and health problems., but such a possibility is not excluded and quite probable. Everything will depend on the resource capabilities of your body., effort and desire to be healthy and happy person!

The most important mental structure of a person is the Word.
"Spiritual body" is that, without which man would be a simple bag of meat and bones. It turned out, that the DNA nucleotide sequence is speech-like. We all come from the genetic apparatus (of a Rod (Genus)). The genetic apparatus builds DNA phrases. No wonder our ancestors knew it under the name Rod (that is, Gene). Under it, the Rod, Nature.
Everything is built by Thought. Everything is reasonable. Everything has a memory.Peter Garyaev

Classes are held during the daytime weekends by an IWT trainer in groups of 3 to 10 people,
as well as individually by appointment.

Venue - center of Moscow
(the exact address will be specified later)
For questions and to sign up for classes, please call 8-985-508-71-08 (WhatsApp)
and on the page of the social network VK