Individual programs Garyaev matrix

Матрицы Гаряева

informative Medicine

The informative medicine is to treat with the information that is a replica of a quantum state of a human being healthy. This information is correct deviations from the normal state
In fact we have founded and are developing technologies "bio-spintronics", that open wide possibilities in the field of informational medicine. We offer individual programs matrices Piotr Gariaiev: pictures based, of umbilical cord blood, placenta or the bulb of the hair roots.
Using our technology we get recordings of audible spectra individuals, we use to transform a medical condition of the patient in a healthy state.
The first recording is made using our special laser capable of generating photons that change their polarization (the state of their spin). This means that we record the information from the survey of any object (cell and tissue, bioactives, photographs and other). Such a record is a kind of big capacity library.
The second stage, inseparable from the first is to rework the photons of the laser, from the survey and having absorbed the spin information bio, to make a registration to wide electromagnetic spectrum, which includes the radio spectrum and the spin component.
This transformation is performed in accordance with the "physical theory of polarized light".
The recording radio waves, which contains the photonic information, is then digitized and converted to an audio file.
Listening to this recording causes insertion into the patient's brain of almost ALL of the library.

Where to start

To use our technologies we offer programming matrix by Dr. Garyaev on photography, umbilical cord blood and placenta of newborn children or healthy relatives. In other words, man, wishing to improve their health and to return to a more youthful State, can go two ways…


All want to quickly become young. But do not forget, the process of rejuvenation, running the programme us the spectra of the placenta, the cord blood of newborns and children's photo, THERE CAN BE NO FASTER AGEING PROCESS. Although this phenomenon is not linear, and there are exceptions…

Types of matrices

To use our technologies, individual programs are compiled matrix by Dr. Garyaev, complemented by universal and other programs, wave (spinornymi) the representations of various, long used in medicine, bioactive substances of natural origin…


One of the many practical results Lingvistiko-wave Genetics has been the establishment of the working, Effective Liquid Quantum Information Matrices (ZhKIM), programming derived from biological substances, cooked in a special way…

for whom

Programme matrix by Dr. Garyaev, written with blood, the placenta or photos of children, first of all run on donors of these biomaterials, as well as the immediate family. For Example, if you are using a child for biomaterial, parents can use it, Brothers, Sisters, Grandpa, grannies…


Autism affects each of the 88-th child of the world. Knowing these genetic texts and grammar laws created in the genome chromosome of holograms, You can adjust the disease during pathological changes in chromosomes and the human body as a whole…

Quantum information cosmetology

Using the methods of the Lingvistiko wave genetics, We have developed a method of recording information spinornoj with various substances and transfer this information to other substances. One of the practical applications of this- the creation of a new direction in cosmetology – quantum information cosmetology. Thanks to the developed techniques were able to move to specially designed cream properties many biologically active substances, which in its physical as difficult to enter in the cream because of the loss of properties while processing, instability during storage, etc. Info, discontinued these substances, primarily gives the body a boost to the entire reconstruction and rehabilitation, and, as an important component of the- skin.
Using quantum cosmetics also allows you to increase the impact of information programs-matrices. In the future, we will be creating cream with these individual program matrix.
The uniqueness of this line of creams and order is also determined, they are the result of collaboration with academics, technologists and cosmetologists.


In the process of technology development Lingvistiko-wave genetics in relation to health correction, We were surprised to discover, that the energy status of the people increased significantly. People write to us about it and thank. We seemed, that we only work with information processes in the human body, in part to its more youthful State, using so-called. especially the spectra of umbilical cord blood and placentas of healthy newborns and their photo for those, who wanted to at least partially revert the younger State. And it really works, as seen on reviews using our matrix. But the high level of energy recovery in most patients have little surprised.
It Is Clear, that if you becomes more young, then you became and more energetic. But in our case, probably related to, include any other, additional, processes in the body, previously not known. Now work intensively on it. Prospects promising. Order more, that it was discovered and another amazing property spinornyh Spectra photo already adults.
Primary results on human volunteers have shown, that can be (When the correct collection conditions) mix (mix) the spectra of different people, without any harm to them. The result of this is, for example, increasing physical strength from the recipient of such spinornoj information, If the donor information is physically more developed, than its recipient. Apparently, This applies to mental abilities. Work continues in this direction.
Spin biofotonov state information are central to our research. Scientific basis of the results obtained is widely known in quantum physics phenomenon i.e.. tangled State of elementary particles, including photons. And it is fundamentally, that photons, Since our own photons (biofotony) play a key role in the regulation of all functions of our body.

why information, filmed with a photo of the person, real and biologically active?

The process of removing information with photo of man, in particular with children's photos, based on quantum physics. Including laser physics. As well as the, in theoretical terms, on the ideas of David Bohm, the largest specialist in the field of plasma physics. Significant contribution to the understanding of human spectroscopy photo images made famous physicist G.I.Shipov, developed a theory of torsion (spinornyh) fields. Some contribution to the problem of quantum information recording and photo made geneticist P.Garyaev, offer a different understanding of genetic coding in comparison with known canonical model:
[Gariaev P.r. Another understanding of the model of genetic code. Theoretical analysis. Open Journal of genetics, 2015, 5, 92-109].
Working with photo was preceded by research group Garâeva for transfer of genetic information running over long distances using torsion field. They are successful and continue. When wave transmission genes idea distance of tens of kilometers or more confirmed in the experiments, P.Garyaev proposed the idea of ​​removing the genetic information with pictures of people. Photos of people is not just a flat picture copy of man. It contains a lot of information about a person, including genetic. Here were used ideas d. Bohm, which can be briefly summarized as follows. Everything, that exists in our world, appears in the universal hologram. This applies to all living beings. And to the person too. Each of us is written in the universal hologram from birth to death. And this image with all its characteristics , with all its genes, forever will be stored in the hologram. If we can connect to this hologram, using the photo as a human on it in this Catholic hologram, then we can take complete information about it at any age. And can treat the person for his children's photography, When the child in the photo have not managed to recover many diseases.
I am often asked, as you shoot information with images using laser? Because there is only on the photo photo emulsions. It is a profound mistake.
Photo of man is its photonic image, soaring above the photo. Special laser beam photons, which we use for removal of information, interfere with the photons of the image of man in the photo. It does not play a role, that laser beam cross-section
1 mm, because we get the so-called traveling-wave hologram intensity of the colliding beams of photons. This is described in our article

[Gariaev, P. (P)., Some Aspects of Wave Gene Transmission. DNA Decipher Journal | December 2015 | Volume 5 | Issue 3 | pp. 155-173 Korneev, (A). (A). ISSN: 2159-046X DNA Decipher Journal Published by QuantumDream, Inc. Institute of Quantum Genetics LLC, Moscow, Russia.]

While it is important, that that the scattering of laser photons on the surface of the picture takes place over a large area, than spot beam, that provides an additional contribution to the hologram traveling wave intensity. This method of scanning photo, We eventually get torsionno-sound spectrum photo, which patients are listening. Theoretical and technical details of the process are given in the links to our articles.

Now about the main. Whatever the interpretation given to any, that range of photo acts as health correction factor, decisive is the practical verification of the effectiveness of the spectra. It is given in a review, cured. For Example, There are described the unprecedented cases of retinal regeneration with the return of vision, regeneration of part of the small intestine, Healing the eye maculopathy return view, cure cystic fibrosis, cancer, the return of 80-year-old women, the menstrual cycle, as a marker of a young state of the organism, etc..

Doctor of biological sciences, Director of the Institute of Linguistics-Wave Genetics,
P.P. Garyaev


Information for use

Listening rules

Matrix by Dr. Garyaev We recommend you listen to everything. But can be arbitrarily divided into parts, for example, at troika. Each of these first to listen to 1-2 days. In the future, after adaptation, You can listen to all the pieces together. Subjectively, based on their experiences, you define files, which are the most excellent you are perceived and acted. Then can listen to mainly their. The volume should not be a big. Listen to it after sleeping, in the afternoon and at bedtime. You can include a background and during sleep. You can use the headphones. Before listening to it is desirable to tune in to the program, completely relax, If possible, any extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings or just about anything not to think. Although, This is not a requirement, programs are running when you run common Affairs, but a little less effective.

It is important to know

Information medicine shall not constitute a waiver of conventional medicine, but it is complements.
Note, You cannot cancel the physical activity. "Reign, lying on its side "will not work.
In the early days of auditions, universal programs, as well as individual, may be some short-term (no more than 5 days) deterioration of health, because your body is rebuilt. You can make a break for 1-2 days.


Use the programs matrix by Dr. Garyaev better morning, day and evening. Sometimes, with heavy painful conditions, the program can be used 24 hours a day-in repeat mode. Attention should be paid, that in a day or two in that there may be some discomfort, but they quickly pass. It's natural, Since the human body slowly rebuilds, adapts to the new health. In case of longer acute need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume. Or, If the photo is picked up fail, You can use the new.

Practical application of matrices on the seminars of Raisa Ahmedovny Mansurova –