Where to start

If you want to order a programme in order to improve their health and to return to a more youthful State, We offer several options for unique matrices.

1. Individual matrix on child pictures the patient or his next of kin. An important prerequisite for compiling programs for photography – child photos (and till the moment photography) must be healthy and one. Important head. Cosmo-geliofizičeskaâ atmosphere effect at the moment of shooting. The conscience of the patient and his ancestors should not be too burdened by . You can also use baby photos of his LIVING relatives with the same requirements.
By reading the information from the children's photography, We get complex, multi-component spectrum, include as a central component of the spin information. This range has a strong, previously unknown, biological activity. The theoretical basis of the biological activity of spinornoj information with photos, see. in the monograph "Lingvistiko Gariaev Pp-wave gene. Theory and practice " (2009g.) Probably, a decisive role in the biological activity of the broadcast pictures on recipients principle Bomovskoj golografichnosti Universe. Modulated wideband electromagnetic spectrum (MBER) image on human photography, received our laser technology (know how), There is an address and access code to his genetic, and wider, to the overall regulatory genetic-metaboltcheskoj information (GM) This man, distributed in so-called Bomovskoj hologram.
2. Individual matrix based biomaterial (umbilical cord blood and placenta) newborn children. An essential condition for the formulation of the programme on biomaterialu – the newborn must be healthy. For the production of programmes on the basis of biomaterials (blood samples (~ 1 ml), or the placenta (any fragment of ~ 1 mg), you have to bring them to our office in vitro, placed in ordinary ice, in a thermos. Storage time-not more than 3 days.

3. Individual matrix without the use of a photo of a child. The programme we are based on the data, that the patient indicates in the application.

4. Universal matrix. At the moment we have 20 ready-made programs, which were based on natural substances (plants, minerals ...).

To order the program, For more information about them, Please write to e-mail gariaev@mail.ru

Our research and practice of the application of the principles of Lingvistiko-wave Genetics are in line with the priority work of molecular biology and genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

See. video: Meeting of the Council for science and education, 20.12.2013.

Moreover, our results in this area substantially ahead of all the, that is received in the "classical" Genetics so far. No one in the world is not yet able to program stem cells, Since the methods used are based on an understanding of genes as a purely physical structures. And this is the error. Genes can function at a level of physical fields, as the quantum equivalent of ourselves. It predicted at the beginning of the last century our scientist A.g. Gurvich. We have confirmed this hypothesis and use wave genes in practice, treatment, inhibition of aging and rejuvenate people.
All matrices are unique as are Your individual order.

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