Liquid quantum information matrix

Liquid quantum information matrix ZhKIM

Lingvistiko-wave in the Institute of genetics over the years developed technology to create liquid quantum information matrix. The technology is based on the principles of lingvistiko-wave genetics, who formulated the teaching. РАЕН и РАМТН , Doctor of biological sciences, P.P.. Garâevym.
The central position of the Lingvistiko wave Genetics is a justification of a real wave dualism of genetic information and proof of the reality of wave genes, performing strategic regulatory functions in organisms, including. in humans.

Creating liquid quantum information matrices, ZhKIM, that we get due to the programming of biological substances, a specially prepared, have practical proof operation of the main provisions of linguistics-Wave Genetics. Programming we spend, Using secondary radiation laser, capable of generating a torsion (spinor) field, modulated biologically active substances of natural origin. Such modulation of the long hours worked by us - TN. matrix programs.

Such biologically substances by themselves already have positive potential by using their sick with various ailments, but their matric programmes raises their efficiency on many orders. Cite as an example the effect ZhKIM on frostbite feet under, When amputation is necessary.

Overlay on obmorozhennuju leg ZhKIM soaked napkins leads to the complete disappearance of the effects of deep frostbite. Processing, We use a preparation for external use ZhKIM, to keep up with gangrene of the foot for two weeks stops the decomposition of tissue and contributes to the rebuilding of skin with nekrozah, gangrene.

ZhKIM based on programming biological fluids, has a strong potential to regenerate damaged tissue. Omertvenia is used when any part of the skin on the body or organ.
Practical application of ZhKIM in treating ulcers, a different kind of damage to the skin, also in cosmetology as a means instead of superficial peeling, exfoliates dead skin cells, regenerate person, It maintains good condition.

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Dear Petr Petrovich! I want to thank you for a wonderful liquid you created – ZhKIM. On the advice of your employee Leonid entrusted to me to apply it in postoperative necrosis after nasal septum resection in 3 patients. On the 3rd day after the operation there was cartilage necrosis n partition, which gradually expanded. A week later came the stabilization. Medicines, hormones have not yielded the desired result. Became a sticking ZhKIM impregnated turunda. The next day, improved breathing, colouring changed the dynamics and necrosis, which two patients has led to full recovery, and one patient rapid rejection of necrosis. All patients observed after inserting the turund impregnated with a liquid ZhKIM relief and better breathing. A month later, two patients with no signs of necrosis, one patient was shaped perforation. All patients with complaints of nasal breathing no. Thank you very much and low poklonza your work.
PS. The wife on the face and hands improved skin, She is pleased with the, and sincerely you thank.Dr. Patryn