Universal programs are wave (spintronic) mappings, Special spectra, biologically active substances of natural, natural origin. For example, royal jelly, honey, Siberian Ginseng, wheat seedlings, etc.. Unlike the individual matrices, When composing which we use photos, umbilical cord blood and placenta of newborn, for the purpose of this program is not required. This ready-made programs. We are constantly updating them according to reception of new properties of matter.

To order a matrix, write to us at gariaev@mail.ru

Part of the universal programme has been drawn up in conjunction with Mansurova Raisa Akhmetovna (http://ramportal.ru). In my seminars, it actively uses the matrix for health purposes.

Please note that, that the universal matrices, that propagate on the Internet, We have no relationship, and are not responsible for their use.

Program # 1 - The immune system.
The program strengthens the immune system.

Program # 2-1 - Correction of the skeletal system.
The programme contributes to the prevention and correction of disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Program # 2-2 - Correction of the cardiovascular system.
The programme contributes to the prevention and correction of changes in the cardiovascular system.

Program # 2-3 - Correction nervous system .
The program contributes to the correction of the autonomic and central nervous system.

Program No3 – Fighting Cancer.
The program is directed against cancer.

Program # 4 - Correction of the general metabolism and correction of the digestive tract.
Whole-body metabolism correction program.

Programme # 5 - Delay ageing. One of the options on the current aging braking aged patient. Recently revealed, It also blocks many types of oncological processes.

Program # 6 : "Men's line". Improves cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, helps with various kidney diseases. Prevents the formation of bladder stones and sand. Affects all pathological processes in the prostate gland. Effect on sexual function.

Program # 7 : "Women's line". Activation of metabolic processes, restore water balance, getting rid of edemas, cleansing the lymphatic system. Configuring the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of the sexual sphere.

Program # 8 - Vision support.
The programme aims at maintaining eye health at high Visual loads, in particular when working at the computer, elderly people, works with bright light, Dystrophic changes in the retina, short-sightedness etc.

Program №9 - recovery of the body after 40-50 years. After 40-50 years of pathological processes of accumulation in cells of tissues, which previously were not even visible to our consciousness, exacerbated and begin to cause us concern.

Program # 10 - Antiparasitic program. For a more effective method of pest management and for preventing their occurrence we offer connect to treatment method of wave action on parasites.

Program # 11 - Slim figure

Program # 12 - Anti-allergies

Program # 13 - Healthy skin

Program No. 14 - Wave Immunity. Program #14, Perhaps, Program #14, Program #14. Immunity of the body to infectious and non-infectious agents and substances, having antigenic properties, viruses, bacteria, poisons and other substances foreign to the body are called immunity.

Program #15 - Anti-smoking

Program # 16 - Normalization of the genitourinary system

Program # 17 - Body restoration after age of 70

Program # 18 - Anti-alcohol addiction

Program No19 – For sleep and rest. The program helps to care for insomnia, causes deep, quality sleep, helps relax and repair muscles during sleep.