Health matrices

We live in a world of sounds, they play a vital role in human life. An ordinary person is able to hear sound vibrations in the frequency range from 16-20 Hz to 15-20,000 Hz. Sound below the human hearing range is called infrasound.; up to 1 GHz, - ultrasound, from 1 GHz - hypersound.

When we talk about the range of perceived frequencies, it is about the ability of the human ear. Frequencies below 20-30 Hz (infrasound) a person is also able to perceive, not by ear, but with whole body, like vibrations. Nowadays, many experts are inclined to believe, that even vibrations at frequencies, much higher than the 20 kHz threshold (ultrasound) also perceived by humans, however not with ears or body, but directly by the brain. The spectra , we are discussing below, contain all the listed frequency ranges- from infra, to hypersound.

Distinguish between noises and musical sounds. Noise has a continuous spectrum, and musical ones consist of harmonics - vibrations of a certain frequency and sound energy, which create the corresponding resonance. Different sounds, entering the inner ear, activate different areas of the brain. The result of this influence depends on the piece of music, on the instrument, on which it's performed, and also on the frequencies and vibrations, which generate sound energy. That is, in this case, different people perceive the same melody, performed on the different instruments, in different ranges and different sound energies can cause different emotions and provoke the activity of different parts of the brain. The brain is the control center of the human body. Sounds can affect the neuroplasticity of the brain, its ability to form new neural connections.

Each note has a specific frequency, which in one way or another affects the nervous system. Also should be taken into account , that listening to the sounds will cause certain reactions in the brain and, accordingly, reactions throughout the body.
The inertia of hearing is associated with the device of the basilar membrane. Therefore, taking in the sounds (music) for medicinal purposes, you need to be sure, which energy categories, vibrations and frequencies are in balance with the brain, comfortably affect both hemispheres and form the necessary neural connections. It is important to understand, that even very beautiful music, that have an unfavorable energy resonance can harm the body.

Street musicians, and in general, any musicians, don't conduct any research, don't know exactly in what parameters the sound is produced, what is their sound energy, how does it affect the brain and what consequences it causes later. The same can be said for any noise. Normal noise has a negative impact on people's health and performance. A person, of course, can work in noise, even gets used to it, but prolonged exposure causes fatigue, leads to a decrease in hearing acuity, even deafness. Unlike common noise, Garyaev program-matrices, contain an information component, torsion component, which is written on different frequency ranges, and because of that it has a powerful healing effect.

In the medical center for rehabilitation and adaptive physical education "Together with Mom" for more than five years studies have been carried out on the effect of sound on patients, suffering from lesions of the central nervous system and concomitant somatic, psychological, psychophysiological diseases, damage to the musculoskeletal system, suffering from cardiovascular disorders and gastrointestinal tract. With the help of diagnostic equipment, the total sound energies of the bells and Garyaev matrices were adjusted, combining them in balance. In the process of research, multiple trials were conducted to create programs based on spectral readings, adjusted sound parameters and scale, eliminated or rearranged the sounds note, changed key and rhythm, suppressing unnecessary noise, vibrations and frequencies, we managed to create a unique product- "Health Matrices". In the process of working on the creation of these programs, high results were observed in patients with different diagnoses..

"Health Matrix"- new information and energy method, necessary both for the reabelitation, as well as to prevent the occurrence of various diseases. It combines two unique technologies of non-pharmacological impact on people. They are the sound matrices of Garyaev, developed at the "Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics", and the method of bilotherapy, or bell therapy, which is actively used and studied in the Center of rehabilitation and adaptive physical education "Together with mom".

What are the matrices of Gariaev and the method of bilotherapy, or bell therapy?
Garyaev's Matrix - a kind of information-wave print, or spectrum, taken from any substance of natural origin (plants, metal, mineral), as well as from a child photo, which captures the healthy state of a person. A special laser is used to obtain the matrix.. In the process of interaction of a laser beam with matter, red coherent photons are converted into sound waves of a wide spectrum. As practice has shown, waves are biologically active. Listening to the Matrix, which we write in wav formats, or mp3, encourages the body to activate mechanisms of damage repair, which happened, activate the genetic memory of his healthy state.
Bilotherapy (bell therapy) uses beats - flat bells, the prototypes of the classic domed bells, but with its own special and beautiful sound spectrum. This musical instrument was created in 1991 by the bell-maker Alexander Ivanovich Zhikharev and today it has several varieties., differing in the shape of the plates, horizontal and vertical working position.

Beals have their own, individual characteristics: metal alloy, weight, the size of the, key, number of overtones, plate set. Therefore, each type of beat has its own unique voice characteristic., range and resonance values.
The sound of various therapy beats, with unique settings, from special alloys, which in vertical belfries emit a warm wave and cross-shaped stream of vibrations, and in disk bells, a spiral-vortex, used to record various works of famous classics. The vibration range of all belfries corresponds to the vibrations of the human body and does not exceed the prescribed norm.

Bells have 2 to 23 overtones and are composed of five vertical octaves. The big beat corresponds to the "C" note of a small octave, has a weight of 47 kg and includes 6 overtones. Four large disc beats correspond to the notes "Do", "We", "La", "C" of the first octave have 1-2 overtones.

From the period of 2017 to the present, the effect of beats on patients has been actively studied using functional diagnostics of EEG during a therapeutic session of bell therapy and in the post-rehabilitation period.. As a result of the data obtained, a high dynamics of the development of cognitive and behavioral functions was noted., psycho-emotional balance and improvement of the general condition of the body. Patients noted the elimination of pain in the joints, spine, muscles, reduction of spasticity in the upper and lower extremities. Particularly positive dynamics was observed in children diagnosed with ASD., Down syndrome and bone arthrogryposis.
The healing power of bell ringing has been known for a long time. In Russia they believed, that, if a bell is struck over a seriously ill person, it will help him recover. In the Middle Ages, with the threat of epidemics, they began to ring the bells, trying to escape the misfortune in this way. In our time the heyday of science, repeated experiments, confirming, that the bells are capable of producing a certain ultrasound, inaudible to the human ear. Such sound waves have a powerful effect on the surrounding space., for example, reduce the activity of bacteria and viruses.

There is a sound wave theory, according to which, all organs of the human body emit and absorb sounds of a certain frequency. Therefore, to improve the physical, the emotional and mental state of the body, it is necessary to use the desired sound, which will resonate with the cells of our body, “tweaking” them there, where the failures occurred. This procedure is very effective., safe and quick results. Ringing a flat bell, having a wave nature, transmitted through vibroreceptors in the skin, perceiving sound waves in a wide range.

Health Matrix, which combines the above technologies, can be successfully used to correct stress conditions, restoration of psycho-emotional balance, and also as an adjunctive therapy to alleviate the course of various diseases. Deep lymphatic stimulation, immune, cardiovascular systems, digestive tract and neurological diseases in several sessions, or courses bring the body into proper balance.
Several Health Matrices are currently being developed.

Correction of the nervous system

In addition to the medical method of correction and strengthening of the nervous system, it is possible to use the method of information-wave influence through the Health Matrix "Correction of the nervous system". To create the program, we used musical compositions performed on bells together with sound recordings of substances, restoring the work of the central nervous system, The program has a calming effect, helps to cope with anxiety and depression, improves the tolerance of psycho-emotional stress, possesses stress- protective action. Normalizes learning and memory processes in the central nervous system. In the conditions of modern life, it helps to survive nervous disorders, stabilize the emotional background, deal with irritability, anxiety. Also Promotes Better Sleep.

Correction of the immune system

Health Matrix "Immunity", in which we used records of immunostimulating substances, together with musical compositions performed on bells, as an adjunct treatment, helps the body to be immune to infectious and non-infectious agents and substances, possessing foreign antigenic properties. The matrix includes the reactions of the body, aimed at protecting it from the harmful effects of a number of external factors. It is advisable to listen to the program during the period of acute infectious diseases, with a predisposition to frequent colds, to stimulate immunity in patients with infectious diseases, for the prevention of ARVI, flu, with prolonged antibiotic therapy of chronic infectious diseases.

Respiratory system

Now respiratory diseases – the most common ailment. With bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectotic disease, pleurisy, eczema, etc., along with drug treatment, we recommend using the matrix "Respiratory organs", as part of drug therapy.
Healthy sleep. Matrix helps you fall asleep faster, full-fledged, empowering, sleep. The Matrix Helps Manage Insomnia, emotional stress, nervous strain, depression, good listening to her themes, who works the night shift, for persons aged 60 and over, as well as for children, who has trouble falling asleep, when changing time zones while traveling (jet lag), etc.