Wound treatment. Poultice ZHKM

Wound treatment. Poultice ZHKM.

Before applying ZHKM as poultice, the wound must be processed with antiseptic (disinfectant) solution of any of the: Furacilin aqueous solution, Chlorhexidine bigluconate, Miramistin, weak solution of potassium permanganate, but don't apply peroxide, and I cant do what He can, cause a burn.

Next, you need to cast 5-15 milligrams of liquid (Depending on the size of the wound), in clean (sterile) vessel, moisten a sterile cloth and apply to the wound. Cover with waterproof paper or cellophane on top, wrap the compress with a bandage or apply a napkin and fix it with a plaster.

After 4 hours, remove the compress, treat the wound completely with ZHKM ointment , apply a clean cloth, apply to the wound by fixing with a bandage or plaster, after 4 hours repeat.

Usually, after applying ZhKIM according to the scheme, granulation of the wound and healing begin within one and a half to two days. Compresses need to be repeated until then, until the wound becomes dry and completely granulated. Then you need to treat the wound with ZHKM 2-3 times a day , as soon as the fluid on the wound is absorbed, treat the wound with a thin layer of levomekol and cover with a light bandage, to prevent scratching and infection.

Treatment is carried out until the wound is completely healed and new skin appears on it. Before each procedure with ZHKM, you need to treat the wound with an antiseptic. The edges of the wound can be very flaky. Importantly! The husk can not be peeled off and removed with nails, or anything else. When treated with an antiseptic, blackness and husks will gradually come off along with the napkins when they are changed.

The effect of using ZHKM comes quickly. According to our observations, deep wounds heal from 5 to 15 days. Granulation can begin in a day. Depending on the causes and severity of the disease can be delayed a little longer.
Wound healing depends on many factors, which can be divided into groups.
External: bacteria, getting in the wound.
Internal: the patient's health problems, the most common (diabetes mellitus, etc.), infection (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, etc).
All this prevents wounds from healing. Therefore, an important factor in the treatment of liquid ZHKM is the combined use
antibiotics and ointments levomekol, it(the ointment)the best, first of all, it will save the wound from germs. As for chronic diseases and infections inside the body, they need to be treated and follow the doctor's prescription.

ZHKM poultice quickly heals burns, (especially fresh) sunburns , teenage acne pimples, diaper rash, bedsores and other skin diseases, where wound healing and treatment are necessary.

How does blackness go away when using ZHKM