Wound treatment. A Poultice ZhKIM

Wound treatment. A Poultice ZhKIM.

Before applying a poultice ZhKIM must be processed wound antiseptic (disinfectant) solution of any of: Furazilina solution water, Chlorhexidine digluconate, Miramistin, A weak solution of potassium permanganate, No peroxide process, can, cause burns.

Next, you need to cast a 5-15 milligrams of liquid (Depending on the size of the wound), in the net (sterile) vessel, moisten sterile cloth and apply to the wound. Top cover with waterproof paper or cellophane, wrap wrap bandage or towel and apply a band-aid to fix it.

After 4 chasa, remove the poultice, treat the wound "ZhKIM cream" completely, apply a clean napkin, attach to the wound with a bandage or plaster fixing, through 4 repeat chasa.

As a rule, After you apply ZhKIM on the scheme within one and a half or two days begins granulation wounds and healing. Need to repeat compresses until the, until the wound becomes dry and fully granulated. Then 2-3 times a day to handle the wound ZHKIM, as soon as the liquid in the wound will be absorbed, treat the wound with a thin layer of levomekol' and close the light bandage, not to scratch and not put the infection.

Treatment of conduct until the wound does not appear and it is totally not delayed. Before each procedure with ZhKIM, to treat the wound with an antiseptic. Wound edges may greatly flakes. It Is Important To! You cannot remove the husk and remove no nails, Neither than other. When processing an antiseptic, black and husks will gradually depart along with napkins when they change.

The effect of ZhKIM comes quickly. According to our observations the deep wounds are tightened from 5 to 15 days. Granulation can begin within 24 hours. Depending on the causes and the severity of the disease may be delayed a little longer.
Wound healing depends on many factors, that can be divided into groups.
External: It's microbes, that fall on the wound.
Internal: This disease, the most common (diabetes mellitus and others.), infection (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, etc).
All this prevents wounds heal. Therefore, an important link in the treatment of liquid ZhKIM is a joint application
antibiotics and ointment levomekol', She(ointment)the best, first of all save the wound from germs. With regard to chronic diseases and infections within the body, they need to be treated and to comply with doctor's appointment.

Priparkoj ZhKIM quickly treated Burns, (especially fresh)sunburn, teenage acne pimples, diaper rash, bedsores and other skin diseases, where it is necessary to healing and wound debridement.

As straying black when applying ZhKIM