Garyaev ZHKM poultice

Garyaev ZHKM poultice

It can't help the dead – they don't get up. But! On a living organism, ZHKM works effectively with skin atrophy, and it's not a drug. Based on the programming of biological fluids, prepared in a special way, ZHKM on the effectiveness of treatment of this kind of skin disease, is the best drug on the market. In this cases, the drug acts on the appearance of skin necrosis, where you can apply it as a compress. No side effects were found in the poultice.
Linguistics wave genetics, works wonders! Development of doctor of biological sciences, academician of the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES, RAMTN Pp Garjaeva. Developed by quantum information ZhKIM matrix liquid, awarded users, the name "Poultice" for specific processes of regeneration and feeling under wraps, in the applied field, on the patient's body.

ZHKM for external use is effective:

Treatment of skin necrosis with poultice, as an example: the details illustrated are written below, one of the few, who had to endure affliction. See also on Review page: Garyaev ZHKM poultice
Hello! Doctors could not determine the cause of the disease, presumably the disease arose on a nervous basis. At first, from the end of August, black spots began to appear on both legs. I went to the doctors, no one gave an meaningful answer, prescribed various ointments, with a zero result. After applying ointments, purulent wounds appeared, in places of black spots. The disease has reached the degree, that my legs got swollen, it became impossible to walk, I didn't sleep at night, switched to painkillers. Nothing helped, suppuration intensified every day, the doctor said, that, like, he can amputate legs?

Since then, I has stopped going to them. Then, as to our monastery, kind people brought information liquid , I began to make compresses. I did poultice with the liquid ones a day. On the fourth day, my blackness began to go away and fall off my skin. I was so glad, because I could now step on my foot. After three weeks of daily compresses, itching and inflammation disappeared. After a month I was able to walk without limping. Repeated the course after 3 weeks. Feet now in excellent condition, only small scars remain, I'm bring you the photos, as promised and thank you all, who made this poultice from necrosis for the suffering.

Bogoroditsky Zhitennyi convent.