A Poultice Garjaeva ZhKIM

A Poultice Garjaeva ZhKIM

Dead does not help – they do not stand up. But! In Vivo, When skin atrophy works effectively, medical drug is not. Based on programming biological fluids, cooked in a special way, ZhKIM on the efficiency of treatment of this kind of skin disease, is the best drug on the market. In this cases, the drug acts on the appearance of skin necrosis, where you can attach it as a poultice. Side effects in priparke not detected.
Linguistics wave genetics, works wonders! Development of doctor of biological sciences, academician of the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES, RAMTN Pp Garjaeva. Developed by quantum information ZhKIM matrix liquid, awarded users, the name "Poultice" for specific processes of regeneration and feeling under wraps, in the applied field, on the patient's body.

ZhKIM is used for external use:

Treatment of necrosis of skin priparkoj, as an example: illustrated below is written in detail, one of the few, who had to endure affliction. Also read on the page reviewers: A Poultice Garjaeva ZhKIM
Hello! The cause of the disease, doctors could not determine, suspected disease occurred on nervous soil. At the outset,, Since the end of August began to leave black spots on both legs. Appealed to doctors, Nobody gave the intelligible answer, prescribed various ointments, a result of zero. After applying the ointment appeared purulent wounds, black spots on the ground. The disease has reached such an extent, swollen legs, walking was impossible, nights awake, switched to painkillers. No funds have helped, Fester grew with each passing day, the doctor said, that, MOL, leg amputation can do?

Since then, it has ceased to go. After, How to come to the monastery, good people have brought information fluid , became do compresses. Lotion of liquid I was doing 1 time per day. On the fourth day I began to move away from the skin to fall and black. I was so glad, Since it could now step on foot. After three weeks of daily applications passed the itching and inflammation. A month later the smog not lame. Repeated course is repeated after 3 weeks. Feet now in excellent condition, There were only small scars, bring you photos, as promised, and I thank all, who made this poultice of necrosis for sufferers.

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