Regenerative matrix ZhKIM

Regenerative matrix ZhKIM, reanimates the dead skin, old Burns, decubitus, necrosis, at any stage of the progressive disease stops, promotes rapid healing of wounds, as a rejuvenative removes wrinkles, brightens the face, rejuvenates skin, made on the biological basis of.

Treatment method of wave genetics, like other medical directions, aimed at improving the quality of life, and do not give warranty for the complete solution to the problems of your health or the health of a person, that you represent, but! Solve these problems in treatment of necrosis of soft tissue.

Explanation of how the technology is possible through the wave genetics, using programmed biological fluid, in these cases we start the regeneration process of the skin and all the necessary controllers for faster recovery.
Information of biological fluids, carries the status of a healthy body, in contact with the affected plot gives information push, self-reproduction of the organism, in other words we run stimuli and irritation.

Passing through the wave information memory health, liquid quantum information matrix (ZhKIM) works in a given direction and tissue regeneration occurs. To the affected cells of the organism when handling wounds to transfer information on the quantum level, at the beginning of the process of stopping and mitotic death divide them, that contributes to the, the restoration of the affected area and then his recovery, influencing informative regenerating damaged tissue.

At the moment there are numerous medicines, hormones, but the desired result no, information processing of objects we have been able to obtain spectra of healthy cells and transfer from donor to recipient in the specified us format. Traditional methods of genetics take one bacterium enters into another, get a hybrid (With) medication, We do distant, introducing quantum equivalents (phantoms) genes from ((A)) health in (B) biological fluid, changing the metabolic activity of the object, based on our theory of Linguistics-wave genetics.

Regenerative Matrix ZhKIM has a unique ability to restore reduced immunity due to disease or aging. Matrix operates on the manifestation of necrosis on the body, and not the cause of its occurrence, that allows us to protect the skin from gangrene, venous ulcers, bed sores, and TD. And limbs from amputation.

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