Regenerative matrix ZhKM

Regenerative matrix ZhKM, reanimates dead skin, old burns, Decubitus, necrosis, stops progressing disease at any stage, promotes rapid healing of wounds, as a rejuvenative removes wrinkles, brightens the face, rejuvenates skin, made on a biological basis.

Treatment method of Wave Genetics, like other medical fields, aimed at improving the quality of life, and do not guarantee a complete solution to the problems of your health or facial health, on the way you imagine yourself, but! It solves the problems and meet your expectations in treatment of soft tissue necrosis.

Explanation of the work of technology is possible through wave genetics, using programmed biological fluid, in these cases we start the process of skin regeneration and all the necessary regulators for quick recovery.
Biological Fluid Information, carries the state of a healthy body, in contact with the affected area it gives an informational push, self-reproduction of an organism, in other words, we trigger stimuli and irritation.

Transmitting by wave the information memory of a healthy state, liquid quantum information matrix (ZHKM) works in a given direction and regeneration of tissue cells occurs. During the treatment of the wound, information is transmitted at the quantum level to the affected cells of the body. At the beginning of the process, , it stopes the death of the cells and promotes their sharp division, what contributes to restoration of the affected area , its subsequent recovery, acting informatively toward damaged tissues regeneration.

At the moment, there are many medicines, hormones, without the desired result , while processing the objects informationally, we managed to obtain spectra of healthy cells and transmit them from donor to recipient in the format specified by us. Traditional genetics methods take one bacterium and inject it into another, getting a hybrid (C) medication, . Based on our theory of Linguistics-Wave Genetics , we do it remotely introducing quantum equivalents (phantoms) genes from (A) a healthy state in (B) the biological fluid, changing the metabolic activity of the object, and we do getting the result.

Regenerative Matrix ZHKM has a unique ability to restore immunity, reduced due to diseases or as the body ages. Matrix operates on the manifestation of necrosis on the body, and not the cause of its occurrence, that allows us to protect the skin from gangrene, venous ulcers, bed sores, and so on. And save the limbs from amputation.

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