Gangrene treatment

treatment of gangrene

Gangrene - is a complete immobilization (die-off) living tissues, which extends to a part of an organ or to a specific part of the body (usually a limb). Pathology can affect the skin, muscles, extremities. It develops when toxins get on the skin, circulatory disorders, excess temperature, allergic reaction and hormonal disorders, for example, Diabetes. Treatment of gangrene is aimed at restoring the functionality of healthy tissues, adjacent to the affected area and immediate excision of the limbs, prone to necrosis. But there are more progressive, highly effective methods.

Method of wave genetics

Regenerative matrix ZHKM allows to resuscitate already dead areas of the skin and stop necrosis. The technique is used in the treatment of limb gangrene, severe burns, pressure sores manifested in bedridden patients. It triggers the process of natural wound healing, rejuvenates the skin and at the same time has a completely biological background.

Treatment of gangrene in diabetes with the help of a regenerative matrix of ZHKM is aimed at improving the patient's quality of life. With this technique, blood flow in the affected limbs can be restored and the necrotic processes, often developing in the progression of diabetes can be stopped.

Principle of operation of the regenerative matrix ZHKM

Regenerative matrix works through wave genetics using fluid, which has been biologically programmed. This fluid triggers the treatment of the initial stage of gangrene with the restoration of the organ or skin.. Information, the biological fluid stores , contains the most detailed data on the initial (normal) state of the body. It promotes the self-replication of healthy cells, replacing those affected by necrosis.

The data transmitted via waves contains the memory of a healthy state. Careful treatment of the damaged area with ZHKM allows the information to be transmitted to the cells at the quantum level. In the treatment of dry gangrene, this provokes a complete stop organic cells from dying off and starts their active reproduction, which helps to quickly restore the affected area and leads to the recovery of the patient. The impact on tissues does not occur on the physical, and directly at the information level - many times faster and more efficient.
Treatment of gangrene of the wave genetics

The high efficiency of wave genetics and ZHKM

Many medications may be used to treat gangrene of the foot or finger. In some cases, doctors resort to hormonal and replacement therapy, experiments were conducted with donor stem cells. But such high results, as in the information processing of cells, according to statistics and reports, still not achieved. The problem is, that only the method of wave genetics is able to obtain spectra of cells not affected by pathology and deliver them exactly to the recipient .

Classical genetics in the treatment of gangrene of the lower extremities without amputation is aimed at experiments with bacteria. For this purpose, one microorganism is taken, another is introduced into it and the result is a hybrid, having all the properties of the necessary medication. When using the wave method, everything happens remotely – the quantum equivalents of human genes from the primary state are copied into a biologically active fluid., altering the metabolism of the object. In this way, ZHKM matrix acts not only on the manifestation of gangrene, but also for the root causes, that caused the disease . It allows to avoids necrosis, venous ulcers, and amputation.