Gangrene treatment

treatment of gangrene

Gangrene - is a complete immobilization (otmiranie) living tissues, which covers part of the body or to a particular part of the body (usually a limb). Pathology can affect the skin, muscles, extremity. It develops in contact with skin toxins, circulatory disorders, excess temperature, allergic response, and hormonal disorders, for example, diabetes. Treatment of gangrene is aimed at restoring the functionality of healthy tissue, adjacent to the affected area and immediate excision of limbs, podverzhennыh necrosis. But there are also more advanced techniques, having a high-performance.

The technique of wave genetics

Regenerative matrix ZHKIM allows revive the already dead skin and stop the necrosis. The technique is used in the treatment of limb gangrene, severe burns, manifested in bedridden patients bedsores. It triggers the natural wound healing, It rejuvenates the skin and at the same time has a fully biological underpinnings.

Treatment of diabetic gangrene via regenerative matrix ZHKIM aimed at improving the quality of life of the patient. With this technique, you can restore blood flow in the affected limbs and stop the necrotic processes, which often develop in the progression of diabetes.

The operating principle of regenerative matrix ZHKIM

Regenerative matrix operates by wave genetics using liquid, which was biologically programmed. That she launches an initial stage gangrene treatment with the restoration of the skin or organ. Info, contained within a biological fluid, It contains the most detailed data about the initial state of the organism. It promotes self-renewal of normal cells, replacing the affected necrosis.

Transmitted wave by the data contained in a memory of a healthy state. Using information ZHKIM with careful handling of the damaged area allows you to transfer them to the quantum level. When treating dry gangrene it provokes a complete stop organic dying cells and their active start reproduction by dividing, to help quickly restore the affected area and causes the patient's recovery. The impact on the fabric is not the physical, but directly at the information level - much faster and more efficiently.
Treatment of gangrene of the wave genetics

The high efficiency of wave genetics and ZHKIM

For the treatment of gangrene of the foot or finger may be used a plurality of medicaments. In some cases resort to hormonal replacement therapy, Experiments were performed with donor stem cells. But such good results, as in the information processing cells, according to statistics and reports, achieved still was not. The problem is, that the spectra do not get affected by cell pathology and precisely deliver them to the recipient can only use the method of wave genetics.

Classical genetics in the treatment of gangrene of the lower limbs without amputation focused on experiments with bacteria. To this end taking one microorganism, It is introduced into it and the other resulting in a hybrid, having all the properties necessary medication. When using wave method all occur remotely - quantum human genes equivalents of primary state are copied into a biologically active liquid, changing facility metabolism. Thus, ZHKIM matrix acts not only on the manifestation gangrene, but also the underlying causes, it cause. It avoids necrosis, venous ulcers, and amputation.