The use of matrices

Beneficial programs – Matrices

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What is the program – matrix by Dr. Peter Garjaev

Programs-matrix P.p. Garjaeva are quantum-sound mappings (matrices) human health, which provide curative, restorative and rejuvenating effect on the body.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO: use your programs does not mean abandoning traditional medicine, but complements it. And note, physical activity should not be canceled. The behavior of the "Reign, lying on your side" does not work!

Types of matrices:

Individual program matrix.
Is compiled for a specific person on your photo, or biomaterialu (umbilical cord blood, placenta of newborn children).

Fitomatricy and phytotherapy
Are additional program to your individual program- matrix, prepared in accordance with your body's disease.

Universal program
Are created on the basis of various bioactive substances of natural origin (Ginseng, pantokrin, Siberian Ginseng, Royal Jelly bee etc.), aimed at strengthening overall and improvement of individual systems (organs) some of the mean body (yet designed 10 universal programs - see. below)

Individual matrix
A person, wishing to improve their health and to return to a more youthful State by using the individual matrix, can go two ways.
The first way is the matrix for the photo.
The second way-matrix by biomaterialu.

Path first (matrix on photo):

Find your baby photo and/or photo of blood relatives (now live), forward scans these photographs (jpg format) email When sending photos, You must sign the (whose photo, age). In the selection of photos you should consider, that:
Importantly, the head was visible well.
Influenced by Cosmo-geliofizicheskaja situation at the time of filming.
Preferably send photos nearest blood relatives (Kids, parents, sisters, brothers), for the best selection of photos, that will read information.
The child in the photograph must be healthy (and happy) and depicted one (cut anything with images cannot be, Edit too). Color and quality play no role.

1. With photos of dead relatives program do categorically cannot be.

2. You should also send your current photo, in all growth, the photograph must be removed no more than a month ago.

3. Your data-NAME, Date of birth, City, contact phone number (in case if you have any problems with your mailbox).

4. A brief history. If there is an extract from the history, send scan. Concomitant diseases.

5. When you're sending a message, check your email to avoid return letters, reports not received. Check your mailbox for filling. It happens, that you do not receive a response from us due to overflow your mailbox, or its small volume. Also, to be sure, that your letter does not fall into the spam folder, request a read receipt.

6. Further communication is carried out by simple answer to letters (RE, replay) with the aim of maintaining correspondence and make it easier to work with your order.

Fitomatricy and phytotherapy

Fitomatritsy developed by us in February 2015.
This updated version of the individual matrix, in which, In addition to audio (video) files, made to your photo, taking into account the specifics of your ailments, includes recording and drugs, created from herbal fees Altai Mountains and China, that greatly increases the efficiency of the individual matrix.
Received to date the results of the use of the integrated programme- the matrix allows her to urge our patients with complicated diagnoses.
Received to date the results of the use of the integrated programme- the matrix allows her to urge our patients with complicated diagnoses.

Universal matrix

1 "The correction of the immune system".
2 Correction of bone metabolism and circulatory systems, and the brain.
3 against the cancer.
4 Correction general metabolism.
5 One of the braking options for aging in the current age of the patient. Recently revealed, that program also blocks many types of oncological processes.
6 "Men's Line". Improves cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, helps with various kidney diseases. Prevents the formation of bladder stones and sand. Affects all pathological processes in the prostate gland. Effect on sexual function.
7 "Women's Line". Activation of metabolic processes, restore water balance, getting rid of puffiness, cleansing the lymphatic system. Configuring the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of the sexual sphere.
8 Basic Program. Is used to prepare, Configuring the organs and systems of organs for further information, removed from photos. Normally we recommend to listen to two months prior to the use of the principal, individual program, made by photos.
9 Recovery of the body after 40- 50 years.
10 "Allergy Protection Program". The human body is an ideal habitat for pathogens Wednesday, which are capable of striking virtually any organ or system, calling a number not always "innocuous" diseases. Treatment of such diseases should be aimed not only at destroying the invasion, but the restoration of the damaged internal organs. We offer connect to treatment method of wave action on parasites. It is a complex effect on the whole body, no side effects. Therefore, shown as an adult, and children. Listening to audio programs, people gradually get rid of parasites and, at the same time is cleansing the body from their livelihoods.

Sound matrix

Healing sounds:
Sound program in wav (MP3) the format originally.
Healing sounds resemble "radio interference".
This is due to the method of transmission of information by means of radio waves. Pleasant and melodious sounds of avi files are written differently.
Each of the programs have their own tasks, to restore your health.

Rules of listening programs:

Each of the programs listen sometimes entirely tedious, so you can break them into pieces and listen to individually with small breaks.
The volume should not be a big, but minimally audible.
Preferable to listen matrix in wav format, He has a strong effect on the body. But you can listen to and in mp3 format.
Listen to the programme preferably morning and evening. Usually recommend a program to listen for during the week, then make a break for 2-3 days, and then resume listening, etc..
You can use the headphones.
Requirement is not mandatory, but desirable-before listening to tune to the program, completely relax, as soon – any extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings or simply do not think. While the programs are running and when performing common Affairs, but a little less effective.
Well while playing near the sound source programme put tank with water or any other liquid. After the end of the programme you must drink water until the next auditions. During the subsequent listening also put the jar of water on an information charging and t. d. The day should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.
We should worn, liters of clean water. This is due to the fact, that your body is rebuilt. It's natural., Since the human body gradually adapts to the new health. Usually these feelings pass quickly. If you experience prolonged acute need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume. If negative symptoms persist, perhaps, poorly chosen photos. Please notify us.
Programs, recorded from blood, placenta, the placenta and from photos of children primarily run on those, who gave these samples, as well as (but, usually, to a lesser extent) the next-of-kin (parents, Brothers, Sisters, grandpas, grandmothers, etc.).
For the child his own program to make reasonable use of the, if the they fell seriously ill. And when he grows older.
You can not listen to everything 10 universal programs. You need to pick one and run with it. If you want to use more than, than one program, and then all of 10, you need to take breaks between them in two-three days.
When you purchase individual matrices you also provides personalized recommendations based on their listening.

The impact of the programmes

The is important:
There are "green" corridor to use our programs.
If you get into it, the positive impact of programmes implemented with high probability. If not, expect the result should not be, or it is weakly.

What does it mean to get into a "green corridor"?
That means:
In the photograph the child must be healthy (and happy) and depicted one (Nobody should hold or stand near). Images cannot be edited!
The photo should be removed at the right time and in the right place (the impact of Cosmo-Heliophysical conditions at the time of filming).
2nd point control is not yet possible, Therefore, work on the first paragraph, i.e. you can change the photo (if the positive effect of the program is not observed after 8-12 months of working with it). In this case, payment is not required, send us another photo marked – "repeated" and no payment is required.

Another important point:

I often write, for example – "I've been listening for 10 days, and no effect.
The answer. Our methods – not a magic wand- magic wand and not apples from children's fairy tales-waved, take it and you are good. Became the youngest, healthy and beautiful.
No, it is a long-term work that required faith and positive attitude. Lying on the couch, nothing more. Yes, Quick positive effects are, but rarely. And, as a rule, in extreme conditions of patients.

The process of rejuvenation, running the programme us the spectra of the placenta and the umbilical cord blood of newborns and children's photo, There can be no faster ageing process. Although this phenomenon is nonlinear and there are exceptions.


Despite the presence of a large number of vyzdorovlenij, removal of many diagnoses, as well as positive results for a variety of diseases, We cannot guarantee 100 percent cure rate.
This is due to the presence of subjective factors, associated primarily with the provided photos.
Effects on the body, the pressures our matrices, also subjectively. Sometimes the patient from the first audition gets good results, and sometimes recovery go months. It depends on your diagnosis, neglect of illness and Comorbidities, as well as your body's susceptibility to sounding data compliance matrix and recommendations.
Plays an important role in your body's ability to regenerate, reconstruction and of course, Your confidence in healing and positive attitude.
We would like to draw your attention, that when you purchase a programme funds are not returned!

Conditions of purchase:

Note, that means, We received for the program, make a decisive contribution to our research, in return health and technology development significant inhibition of aging.

Program price-matrices:

Creation of individual program matrix (done on the photo of the patient, on cord blood and (or) placenta of newborn children) - 35 thousand. RUB. for Russians, $ 1,000 for foreigners.
Fitomatricy and phytotherapy (incl. delivery) -price is calculated individually for each patient.
Universal programs - each with 15 thousand. RUB. for Russians, $ 500 for foreigners.
In some cases, (for persons with disabilities, poor) possible installment payment (as more results), or discount. The question of granting discounts is considered individually.
While ordering two individual (Universal) the second discount matrix.
The phyto products discount does not apply.


Transfers of payment can be done through the systems of "Western Union", «MoneyGram», «Калибри», bank card SB Gold Visa № 4279 3800 1054 9584 (map of registered in the name of Peter Garyaev, valid until 06.2018 g), or Moneygram, or Western Union addressed to our employee, Leonov Alexander Georgievich.
Be sure to share all information about your code is made, the amount of, FIRST AND LAST NAME, country, email. It is better to scan and send by email:
Be sure to send the e-mail, to make it easier to identify you in a list of customers and referral programs.

For details
B bank account:
For ruble transfers:
Beneficiary's Bank: Additional Office No. 9038/0784
COR/bank account: 30101810400000000225
BIC Bank: 044525225
Invoice recipient: 42306810238171714757
NAME AND SURNAME. recipient: Peter P. Garyaev
For foreign currency transfers:
Name of the Bank: SBERBANK, Moscow, Additional Office No. 9038/0784
The seat of the Bank: Moscow, St. B. Gruzinskaya, 12
Invoice recipient: 42306810238171714757
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Exchange account:
For ruble transfers:
Beneficiary's Bank: Additional Office No. 9038/0784 Cor/bank account: 30101810400000000225
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For foreign currency transfers:
Name of the Bank: Additional Office No. 9038/0784 seat of the Bank: Moscow, St. B. Gruzinskaya, 12 Score recipient: 42307978238171700013
NAME AND SURNAME. recipient: Peter P. Garyaev

Production time:

Terms of creating matrices programs are up to 10-14 business days from the date we get all your information and payment.
At the same time, We inform, that due to the large number of appeals timeframe of your order may be increased.
Incoming orders are queued.
Patients, those in critical conditions, terms of manufacturing the matrix, If possible, can be, vice versa, reduced.
Please treat the matter with the understanding.
If you paid, He is sure to be executed!

How to order:

Applications for acquisition programs-matrices can be done by mail
Contact us and we will answer all your questions, with regards to software-matrix.
If we receive information (scan) about your payment, patient questionnaire,
as well as these documents (Depending on the type of selected matrix), We accept your order in the work.

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Address: Ct. Moscow, Malaya gruzinskaya UL., d. 43, office 7. Nearest metro: Belorusskaya. Pre-call!

Telephone for contact: +7 (925) 022-67-37 (Calls are accepted from 10.00 21.00 Moscow time).
On manufacturing of matrixes – Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garjaeva.

Skype: wavegene3
In connection with the great Skype overload, You must first agree on the possibility of going to the link in the mail. Questions, associated with matrices, preferably address e-mail


In order to achieve greater effectiveness of the cure of any disease, We recommend along with listening to our programs to include in the process of treatment sessions on a system Sergei Sergeyevich Konovalova-brilliant Russian doctor and scientist.
Sergey Sergeyevich Konovalov Sessions, work on its books, and our programs are complementary and reinforce each other.
Website of Dr. Konovalova:

Health To you, Your relatives and friends!

Best regards,
Your, Peter P. GARYAEV
and staff of the Institute for Quantum Genetics