Garyaev Matrix

For the use of such programs, We offer a customized matrices (programs) in WAVE format, umbilical cord blood and placenta of newborn children.
What kind of information is contained in these mp3 avi spectra? To understand this, I see a brilliant Russian scholar, academician of RANS A.e. Akimova, with whom I worked for almost 30 years. Be especially careful at the 86-89 minute recording. Anatoly Evgenievich said there spinornoj part of any pictures.


Many natural question. If the photo is taken off spin information in accordance with the provisions of the ACAD.. A.e. Akimova, and her record is based on the, that the grains of silver on fotosloe fix spin state of the human subject., How to be, If the original photo is scanned, copied and generally, How to be, If it is digital? Whether the desired therapeutic and impedes the ageing of info? Is Saved, and the proof of this are the cases of treatment of patients, including. "incurable" diseases, for example, Cystic Fibrosis. Moreover, you have to believe, the main bioactive information is contained on a fotosloem in the form of a phantom, able sign polarize sounding laser photons. Then how to explain it, without falling into the magic of the African tribe of Voodoo shamans? Suppose, the magic here is, only the quantum in the spirit of brilliant books S.i. Doronin quantum magic " There are other fundamental provisions of quantum physics. The idea of quantum communication photo-image of the human person derives from the concept of the universe, The world as a hologram. The idea put forward by a physicist with the world name-David Bomom and developed in respect of the famous physicist Simon Berkovičem, Close to these ideas and teachings of the Vernardskogo of the Noosphere.
But the question is: did the information in this mp3 audio version does not have the known signal distortion, occur when recording signal in mp3 format? Here it is necessary to tell about one of the most important properties of mŠÈI spectra, received by us. This property is the fractal, i.e. raznomasštabnogo self-similarity. This follows from the, that the original Act of recording information we obtain the photon-photon interferogrammu (hologram) the sensed sample, We then transform into radiovolnovuû and, in the end, in mp3 (or wav) an acoustic hologram. The, again, She does not lose the spinovoû component, i.e. We have eventually spin a hologram, Opens the initial photon, mŠÈI and then, finally, acoustic gologrammam. It is important to understand, that any hologram has a fractal (the reverse is not always true). A fundamental property of the holograms-fractal is their information redundancy, noise immunity. So drop some phones when we obtained spectra in the mp3 format does not infringe the common bioaktivnuû information. Hologram, as you know, You can scratch the, break into pieces — distortions records does not occur.
A theoretical framework to explain the adjustment State CTO BTY is widely known position Èjštejna-Podolsky-Rosen of quantum nonlocality coupled particles [(A). Einstein, (B). Podolsky, & (N). Rosen, “Can quantum- mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?”, Phys.. Rev. 47, 10, 777-780 (1935)].
We had a case, in the case of adjustment of status N we used the nonlocality of photons and secondary radiation of a special laser, scanning photos. In the end we got a partial effect of quantum nonlocality three persons involved in the process of adjustment of status (N):
1. Photo of a healthy sisters N,
2. The patient N, to listen program,
3. The universal hologram (at Bomu), where are all the existing, including all people, and including, the three persons involved in the.

Doctor of biological sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and RAMTN,
Member Of New York Academy Of Sciences,
Director Of The Institute Of Quantum Genetics
Peter P. Garyaev.