Types of matrices

In our practice we use originals or pics of baby pictures. Or the originals, and scans of healthy relatives of patients of children. For Example, We have to adjust status in cystic fibrosis at the 8-year-old girl Alice. baby photos of her healthy sister, considered with the quantum information and enter it into the sick child in the form of sound in mp3 format. The disease completely gone. This success is unprecedented. Previously, as mentioned, Cystic Fibrosis disease considered incurable. The same result is achieved with sick children with Down syndrome. The disease is also considered an incurable disease.

All this applies to INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS, for which must be pretty tough conditions.
Podrobnne about this:
To use these programs, we offer a customized matrices (programs) on photography, umbilical cord blood and placenta of newborn children or his grandchildren's healthy. In other words, man, wishing to improve their health and to return to a more youthful State, can go two ways - 1) give your baby photo or send it gariaev@mail.ru scan imèjlom (color and quality do not play a special role). If you give a photo personally, It should be on glossy paper , size of about 3 to 4 cm. IT IS IMPORTANT TO: the child in the photo MUST BE in a healthy state and one. Important head. Cosmo-geliofizičeskaâ atmosphere effect at the moment of shooting. The conscience of the patient and his ancestors should not be too burdened by. You can also use baby photos of his LIVING relatives with the same requirements. By reading the information from the children's photography, We get complex, multi-component spectrum, include as a central component of the spin information. This range has a strong, previously unknown, biological activity. The theoretical basis of the biological activity of spinornoj information with photos, see. in the monograph "Lingvistiko Gariaev Pp-wave gene. Theory and practice " (2009g.) Probably, a crucial role in the transmission of biological activity of the recipient plays photos, I repeat, the principle of Bomovskoj golografičnosti Universe. Picture (her mŠÈI image) There is an address, access to the genetic code, and wider, General regulatory information donor photo from birth to present, distributed hologram Boma. Read this address and its transfer request is our equipment.
Information with photos placed in the fractal broadband electromagnetic field (MBER), radiopriemnym device is written on kilogercovyh frequencies and translates into mp3 or wave, i.e.. in sound. The bearer of positive biological information are not only and not so much the radio waves and sound, and the associated spin component, secondarily generated by electronic readers-player or computer. This spin information has a positive impact on human organism, Therefore, the sound of the player or the computer plays no special role. The file can be listened to at minimum volume (the radio signal, an accompanying sign bearing spin component, not very pleasant on the ear). The mp3 format is convenient, Therefore, we often use it, along with the wave format. The, that cuts the low frequencies of the mp3 format and compresses the recording, does not play a role, because the original range of fraktalen, i.e.. samopodoben, information is redundant and pomehoustojčiv, and the record length is sufficient. This was stated above, but again because of the importance of information.

Universal matrix. Basic program with wave (spintronymi) mappings. It records active
biodegradable substances of natural origin, adaptable on request and is prepared from data
individual profiles of a particular person. More information can be found on the page Universal matrix. Photos, umbilical cord blood, placenta in this case is not required.

A number of years we have worked on creating ZhKIM (liquid quantum information matrix), based on the programming of liquid, which is a powerful regenerative capacity to regenerate dead skin cells, skin area, body or body (in particular, necrosis, decubitus, gangrene). Matrix ZhKIM effective means of removing skin necrosis at any stage of development of the disease, Removes a result atrophy on the body, allows you to save limbs from amputation.

Our technologies have made it possible to establish a special information-wave capsules (IVH), in which a person receives corrective signals, effects for your health. Used in the capsule sound frequency range of human speech, contains the bioaktivnuju spin component. Apply health and rehabilitation centers. Technology makes it possible to create quantum spintronics based biocomputers chromosomes and DNA molecules. Experimental and theoretical substantiation of mechanism and principles of lingvistiko-wave genetics. It is based on our core work. This new features, soft factors, non-invasive (quantum) strategic management of Human features, biota of the Earth. The results obtained experimentally applied and theoretical plans talk about output of genetics, Molecular Biology on qualitatively different, an ordinal level of development.