Types of matrices

In our practice we use originals or scanned baby pictures. Also the photos (original or scanned) of healthy relatives of seek children. For example, 8-year-old Alice suffered from cystic fibrosis . We used a baby photo of her healthy sister, recorded quantum information from it and introduced it into the sick child in the form of sound in mp3 format. The disease is completely gone.. This success is unprecedented. Previously, as mentioned, Cystic Fibrosis considered incurable. The same result was achieved with sick children with Down syndrome.. That disease is also considered absolutely incurable .

All this applies to INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS, for which it is necessary to comply with rather strict conditions.
More about it:
To use such programs, we offer the compilation of individual matrices (programs) in WAVE format, umbilical cord blood and placenta of healthy newborn children or grandchildren of the patient. In other words, a person, wishing to improve their health and return to a younger state, can go two ways - 1) submit their baby photo or send it electronically to gariaev@mail.ru (color and quality of the photo not important). If you submit a photo in person, it should be on glossy paper , size of about 3 to 4 cm. IT IS IMPORTANT TO: the child in the photo MUST BE in a healthy state and alone. Their head (face) must be clearly visible.. Impact of Cosmo-geophysical events at the time of taking the photo is important. The conscience of the patient and his/her ancestors should not be too burdened. Baby photos of the patient's LIVING relatives could be used under the same requirements. By reading the information from the photo of a child, we are getting complex, multi-component spectrum, which include the spinor information as a central component. This range has a strong, previously unknown, biological activity. Theoretical substantiation of biological activity of photos' spinor information is given in . the monograph "P.P. Gariaev, Linguistic-wave gene. Theory and practice" (2009.) Probably, a crucial role in the transmission of biological activity of the recipient plays photos, I repeat, Bohm principle of Holographic Universe. Photography is its modulated broadband electromagnetic range image (MBER) and it is an address, access to the genetic code, and wider, a person's general regulatory information from birth to present, distributed Bohm hologram . Our device reads this address and doing its transfer-request .
Information from a photograph is translated into a fractal broadband electromagnetic field (MBER), is recorded by a radio receiver on kilohertz frequencies and converted to mp3 or Wave formats, i.e. in sound. At the same time, the carrier of positive biological information is not only and not so much radio waves and sound, but the associated spinor component, secondarily generated by the electronics of the reading devices - a player or a computer. It is spinor information that has a positive effect on the human body, therefore, the volume of the signal of the player or computer does not play a special role. The file can be listened to at minimum volume (the radio signal, accompanying the signed carrier spinor component, not very pleasant on the ear). The mp3 format is convenient, Therefore, we often use it, along with the Wave format. Also, mp3 cuts the low frequencies and compresses the recording, but it's not important, since the original spectrum is fractal, i.e. self-similar, information redundant and noise-resistant, and the length of the record is sufficient. This was stated above, but I repeat due to the importance of information.

Universal matrix. Basic program with wave (spintronic) mappings. It is the records of active
biological substances of natural origin, adapted on request and compiled from data
from individual profiles of a particular person. More information can be found on the page Universal matrix. Photos, umbilical cord blood, placenta in this case is not required.

For a number of years we have been working on the creation of ZhKIM (liquid quantum information matrix), based on programming biofluid, which has a powerful regenerative potential for the regeneration of dead body cells, skin , body or organ (in particular, necrosis, Decubitus, gangrene). The ZhKIM matrix effectively eliminates skin necrosis at any stage of the development of the disease, Removes a result atrophy on the body, allows you to save limbs from amputation.

Our technologies have made it possible to create special information-wave capsules (IWC), in which a person receives corrective signals, effective way to restore health. The audio frequency range of human speech used in the capsule, contains a bioactive spinor component. Used in health and rehabilitation centers. Technologies also make it possible to create quantum biocomputers based on the spintronics of chromosomes and DNA molecules.. Experimental and theoretical substantiation of the mechanism and principles of linguistic-wave genetics. It is based on our key works. These are new opportunities, soft, non-invasive (quantum) strategic management of human functions, Earth's biota. The results of the experimental-applied and theoretical plans we have obtained indicate the emergence of genetics, molecular biology on a qualitatively different, ordinal level of development.