Theory: research and experiments

Wave gene in concepts of the theory of physical vacuum

A scientific approach to the study of modern genetics. The physical vacuum as the source of the material world.

Materialization of DNA molecules

Method of teleportation, DNA has caused a stormy, mostly negative, reactions in the scientific world.

Поляризационно-голографические процессы в биосистемах

It is proposed that physical-mathematical model of higher processes of Biosystems in their development and in adulthood.

Aspects of wave transmission of genes

The spectral characteristics and wave broadcast running genetic information.

Technology of biological profiles

The proposed work has previously proposed theory of external management and self-management of the quantum organisms.

Job quantum bio-computer

Holographic and laser transmitter - Quantum bio computer.

DNA and water waves

This is the second fundamental work, underpinning our research.

DNA and Biblical Hebrew

Comparison of some data on wave genome and structural-semantic code in Hebrew.

Nonlocal brain function

Why organisms are not restricted to such an effective form of instant handling bio-information they speed?

Treatment of HIV and cancer

HIV and cancer was in a very different intellectual dimension.

Wave DNA replica

Demonstration of the ability of DNA and Entourage to wave replicas.

Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic Wave Genome

Preface to the monograph Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic Wave Genome. Theory and practice. Dr. Peter P. Garyaev.
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Real-quantum gene duality

Investigation of the presence of gene sequences from previous sound recordings in a common pool of total DNA, obtained using random primers. A characteristic feature of the discovered long-term spatio-temporal genetic memory is its on and off c..
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A state of genetics and molecular biology, 2020

Status of Genetics and Molecular Biology in 2020 in the light of the Decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on November 28, 2018. № 680 “On the development of genetic technology in the Russian Federation” The present..
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Ciomiya genetic code

On the basis of theoretical analysis and experimental work analyzes the role of the third nucleotide codons during protein biosynthesis. Its value implies expanding over existing ideas. View / download PDF article..
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Genetic code model

Different understanding of patterns of genetic code. Theoretical analysis of the. In recent years, there have been numerous adherents long time expressed the thought and vision of the famous Russian biologist A.G.Gurvicha about, that the hope of the genes for..
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Quantum teleportation of photons

    Keyword research, which will prove the principle possibility of quantum teleportation of photons.     This is necessary for fundamental physical reasons of principle possibility of distant broadcast genetic and metabolic information using polarized (spiniruûŝih) photons. Proof,..
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Wave genetic code

After the discovery of the structure of DNA and detailed consideration of this molecule in the genetic processes underlying problem of life – mechanisms of its playback – in fact not disclosed. From this limitation..
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Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 2007, # 2, с. 155-158

Effect biostructures modulated electromagnetic radiation for a alloxan diabetes in rats P.P.Garyaev, A.A.Kokaya *, I.V.Muhina *, E.A.Leonova-Garyaeva, N.G.Kokaya * Inkomnauka, Moscow; * Central research laboratory below the city-state medical academy Results, that exposure modulated..
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Фрактальность интеллекта

Peter P. Garyaev, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medico-technical sciences, rans: As far as I understand, We have a society of mutual respect, very narrow, and while little, but the Russian Academy..
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Biocomputer function of DNA

  The basis for the proposed idea of establishing DNA-wave bio-computer, that will use the memory cells made up with genetic molecules, based on experimental and theoretical work implemented by the authors, in which: (a)the ability of DNA to be a laser has been proven..
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Transfer bioactive information by sound

Sound as the carrier of a biologically active information polarization-laser-wave spectra. The results of the study show, that the impact of the Tibetan Mantra and the acoustic version of NTI PLR (Polarization-Laser-Radiowave) Spectra of medicinal plants (helichrysum, Gotu-Kola, Ginger is..
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Implicit functions of the genetic apparatus

Background: Genetics, Biochemistry and physics 20-ies did not let prove brilliant foresight A.g. Gurvich. And only 70-90-s of the last century were the fundamental work of the German school of F.a. Poppa (F.A.Popp),..
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