Wave genetic code

In this way, the role of mRNA dualistična. This molecule, as DNA, in the evolution of a single event — complementary knowledge bundle real and wave genoinformacii. The ambiguity of real coding is removed precezionnost′û wave, which is implemented, probably, on the mechanisms of collective resonances and laser-holographic (associative, context) effects in cell-tissue continuum [25,26,I started ingestion of 20 ml of ZhKIM. It was at ]. Megakontekstom here is the word and wave the divine self. The leap to more developed analytical regulation of RNA Protein translation is accompanied by a partial or full waiver of the rules of Canon pairing adenine with uracil (by thymine) and guanine with cytosine, previously selected evolutionary steps of DNA replication and RNA transcription. So energetically disadvantageous in micro-scales, However, the information is required, is inevitable and energetically preferable at the holistic organism. Particularly we emphasize, that context associative-holographic mechanisms of protein-synthesizing system organisms come-PWM is so connected with the so-called "Background Principle», that proved to be a versatile and has been the subject of a major discovery [50]. With this position makrokonteksty-information and contexts of RNA can be thought of as a background, that provides a dramatic increase in signal, that is the choice of the two homonymous aminoacilirovannyh tRNA, to enter the phrase "protein" or "word".
This option is available only after you select a coherent component in the form of repetition of the same study of doublet-homonyms in kodonah. This situation can be explained with a simple example. Let's Say, in the proposal it is necessary to choose one of two words (unique codons with dubletami-homonymous). These words — "Court" and "bitches". Sure, the choice depends on a proposal, from the context, which acts as the background, which allows the user to select a desired word. If the offer sounds I saw fat bitches in a tree», the replacement of the word "bitches" to the "Court" would be tantamount to the introduction of noise and loss of signal.
Probably, similar to the role of information-RNA and introns are different levels of contexts, that must be somehow "read" and "digested" live cell. A "subject" may be a rich family of solitons, optical, acoustic, conformational, Rotationally-oscillating and other. The function of these solitons can serve as ways of regulation of codon-antikodonovyh iconic interactions. As one of the ways you can think of solitonnyj mechanism of torsional oscillations of the nucleotides to sugar-phosphate axis mRNA, considered by us for odnotâžnyh RNA-like DNA [24]. It "remembers" the sequence of nucleotides and can, probably, send information about this distant, i.e. at distances, significantly greater than the length of the hydrogen bonds. Without the far (wave) migration of pre-mRNA to mRNA sequences cannot implement the associative-context regulation protein synthesis. Here is wave continuality, directly related to the contribution of divine origin as megakonteksta, the speaker in the form of natural electromagnetic and acoustic environment of the globe. Initial testing of the proposed regulations can be carried out relatively simple method is based on the influence of electromagnetic and acoustic fields on protein synthesis in acellular ribosomal′nyh systems, for example using the FPU-generators and alleged lasers on DNA [18,24,25,34,35].Mozhno suggest, the growing increase in human so-called sudden deaths in the middle of the visible health, timed to coincide with zones of high levels of microwave electromagnetic smog "», depends on the violations fine wave of regulation of protein synthesis. It can form abnormal proteins "electromagnetic shock», including enzyme synthesis ènderpinov ( endogenous derived rezerpina ), which may be abnormal to-factors oksidoreduktaz, quickly blocking processes of intracellular energy and work, as a consequence of, death [28; unpublished results].