Wave genetic code

Previously we offered the hypothesis èpigenetičeskoj code hierarchy levels of chromosomal DNA, Ribosomes and extracellular matriksov of Biosystems and their participation in the synthesis of wave-shaped fractal builds, used by higher biological profiles for their own self-organization [25].
Nonlinear Dynamics (acoustics) and related electromagnetic radiation of these biostructures in vivo is not accidental, mutually correlated, are bioznakovyj (in particular, rečepodobnyj) nature, isomorphic to show structural and functional State of each Exchange wave signals organizmennyh cell-tissue engineering subsystems. In the space-time of organisms in the epigenetic view is shared by the physical channels of nonlinear acoustic oscillations. the strategic component of the wave's iconic series is the acoustic and electromagnetic radiation of total genetic material (Genome) Biosystems. In the present work made the situation develop as interpretation of wave State (own physical fields) the body and attempt to understand the biological meaning of the phenomenon of generation within the field and intercellular signals as the basis of the wave and, following this, real living systems self-organization. REVIEW of MODELS of GENETIC KODAV present a paradox with a model of the genetic code is the pinnacle of achievements, molecular biology 60 years.
The accuracy of the coding sequences of amino acids in the proteins of this model gets a strange way with double vyroždennost′û proposed "code" on the lines of excess transport RNA (tRNA) compared to the number of amino acids and ambiguous match codon-antikodon, When only two (instead of three) nukleotidam must be the exact pairing mRNA triplet c nucleotide pair tRNA antikodonovoj, and on the third nukleotidu nature allowed the wrong pairing, the so-called "voblirovanie" (.. the word "wobble"- swing) on a conjecture of f. Crick [4]. This means, that some antikodony may "know" more than one codon, depending on, what basis is in the 1-m position antikodona, the 3-position of the nucleotide complementary interaction antiparallel′nogo. "Recognition" of this kind "wrong", If you follow the paradigm of the genetic code, as there are non-canonical base pair "Adenine-Guanine", The Uracil and Cytosine-with energy-unprofitable hydrogen bonds. "Code", especially mitochondrial, becomes so degenerate, and logically follows from the arbitrariness of the amino acids in a peptide chain is so great, that disappears the very notion of genetic coding.
To quote a saying from the book Al′bertsa, Watson and others. "Molecular biology of the cell" [20] (the head of the characteristic name "mitochondrial Genome has several striking features"): «…in mitochondria the usual pairing of codons with antikodonami are observed less strictly, tRNA molecules and many are able to recognize any of the four nucleotides in the third (ambiguous) position "[6]. Here's the "less strict", as if being incompatible with real metabolic control about alternating amino acids in proteins, deserves close attention. "Less strict" no accident, Moreover, She needs something to biosistemam. The accuracy of protein synthesis evolutionarily conservative and high, but could it be that kind of "tajnopis′û", When the "mark" (codon) and "designated" (amino acid) not always are isomorphic, not clear?