Wave genetic code

Such work is becoming more. In the, What we are discussing, reference, for example, on half a dozen similar results, where interpretation is difficult also in this sense. The reason for this is the imperfection of the accepted model of the genetic code. This is true because the, the evidence of the existence of the so-called long (swollen) antikodona [52]: in collaboration with the mRNA and tRNA-ribosome binding site involves not three, a greater number of base pairs. This means, that the code is broken tripletnosti postulate everywhere and here. Ibid., in [52], the results of work on the interaction of tRNA-tRNA to the ribosome, and this is consistent with our idea of associate aminoacilirovannyh tRNA as a precursor protein. IN [52] suggested, the effect of context on inclusion of a mRNA of amino acids in a peptide is a reflection of some basic and yet poorly understood patterns of decoding genetic information in the process of protein synthesis. The Ulf Lagerkvista [11] wobble hypothesis Crick received extended treatment and extreme expression, According to which nucleotide codons of the mRNA in the third position is a plus, pointless, redundant, his presence is ignored, and so the reading antikodonom codon is made under rule "two out of three". From here it follows the massive ambiguity reading mRNA and that broadcast protein molecules, that contradicts the experiments, and this is noted in [52], as in other studies,.
However,, notes, that there is a certain level of ambiguity of mRNA in the cell broadcast, but he weakly amenable to understanding. In addition to the erroneous broadcast significant codons and stop codons as amino acid, in the process of protein synthesis can occur many normal and rarely mistaken shifts and overlapping framework broadcast. Errors result from reading the doublet or kvadripletov grounds as codons. Mechanisms are advances reading frames is not studied.
In many of the works shown, that an erroneous translation of proteins by the Ribosome is called a variety of adverse factors, antibiotics, temperature change, the creation of certain concentrations of cations, amino acid starvation and other environmental conditions. Increased ambiguity codons translation, localized in specific context, has a biological significance and leads to neslučajnomu distribution of "erroneous" amino acids in length synthesized polypeptide, leading to modifications of protein functions with access to the mechanisms of cellular differencirovok, and contexts of mRNA are substrate natural selection. The optimal level of "error" broadcast (If it really bugs) is regulated by mechanisms, and he ontogenetičeski and evolutionarily acquitted [52]. This match and our experimental and theoretical data [8-18] about wave's iconic interactions in aqueous-liquid-crystalline medium cage, that involved the protein-synthesizing apparatus. We found the resonance frequencies, common DNA, Ribosomes and collagen, and having, probably, bioznakovuû nature, as well as the ability to open the chromosomes and DNA to be laser-active medium [18].
Let's go back again to the generally accepted at the main provisions of the genetic code: It is the triplets, non-overlapping, degenerate, doesn't have a "comma", i.e. codons are not separated from each other. And finally, It is universal. What remains of these provisions? Actually nothing. In fact, code, apparently, is a two-, three-, the four-, ... the n-Word as a fractal and geteromul′tipletnoe education. He overlapped. It has commas, Since geterokodony can be separated by sequences with other functions, including the functions of punctuation. The code is not universal — in the mitochondria is the specific features. How to understand the genetic code, taking into account the contradictions and our reasoning?To remove these contradictions can postulate a qualitative, a simplified, the initial version of a real wave monitoring building amino acid aminoacilirovannyh tRNA as predecessor associate protein. With this position, it's easier to understand the genetic, more protein, code as one of the many programs a real wave of hierarchical self-organizing Biosystems. In this sense, it is the first stage of chromosomal plans build Biosystems, Since language is multi-dimensional genome, plûralističen and not limited to the task of synthesis of proteins. A more detailed, physico-mathematical formal and experimental as, presentation of the new version of the protein-synthesizing apparatus developed by us now, Although I must admit, that is the task of the XXI-XXII centuries.