Wave genetic code

The main provisions of the proposed indicative model real-coded wave processes in the biosynthesis of proteins are the following:
1. Multi-component ribonukleoproteidnyj beloksinteziruûŝij apparatus is a system for generating highly organized iconic semiotiko-semantic acoustic radiation of electromagnetic fields, strategic governing its self-organization and order of the amino acids in the polypeptide chain.
2. Aminoacilirovannye-RNA pools associate in sequence — forerunners of the synthesised fibers to contact with a-P site of Ribosomes. The antikodonov pool is complimentary throughout the continuum of mRNA, with the exception of dislocations, available non-canonical nucleotide pairs.
3. The order of alternation of aminoacilirovannyh tRNA in associatah-the predecessor of proteins is determined by the sign of the collective resonances of all participants in the synthesis of the amino acid sequence. Key wave matrix here pre-mRNA, as well as mRNA, working as a holistic continuum of different scale length geteropolikodonov, including the intronnuû fraction of the pre-mRNA as possible makrokontekstov. The main function of the wave of matrices is associative-contextual orientation of aminoacilirovannyh tRNA sequences, orientation, more, the voblgipoteza, ignoring the rules of canonical pairings of nucleotides in the mRNA and tRNA.
4. The ribosome, In addition, and (or) along with the high-profile legislation the relative positions of the codon-antikodonovyh Continua lazeropodobnye radiation are those involved in the process, correcting the order of the amino acid residues in the peptide.
5. Ribosome ènzimatičeski covalently fixes "de ûrè" the peptide amino acid sequence, scheduled "de facto" in poliaminokislotnom-poly-tRNA-associate, as a precursor protein.
6. Resonant wave "censorship" of the order of the amino acids in a peptide chain eliminates the potential semantic outrage a faulty protein "proposals", the next of the Homonymy families codons, and ensures their "reflection amino acid through the shortcut removal of duplicates of the same ambiguous Homonymy in kodonah. The same mechanism works when the higher-order neodnoznačnostâh, When the number of codons (n 1).
7. Vacuousness of the genetic code is required for pre-mRNA, mRNA-dependent context-oriented precise adjustment of acylated tRNA, determined the nature of the wave of associative resonance interactions in beloksinteziruûŝem apparatus.
8. One of the mechanisms of the process of creating error-free aminoacilirovannyh tRNA sequences in the pre-mRNA, the wave-mRNA can be seen as a special case of partial complementary DNA, odnotâžnyh reassociacii DNA and RNA-DNA or, in the more general case, as an act of self-Assembly, known for Ribosomes, chromosomes, membranes and other molecular nadmolekulârnyh of cellular structures.