Wave genetic code

After the discovery of the structure of DNA and detailed consideration of this molecule in the genetic processes underlying problem of life – mechanisms of its playback – in fact not disclosed. Hence the limited arsenal of technical and biotechnological tools for managing the growth and development of Biosystems. There is a clear gap between the microstructure and macrostructure Biosystems genetic code. Even the opening of gomeoboksov DNA, dramatically influencing the formative acts embryogenesis, only more vividly highlighted the, as a warning and. G. Gurvich, counting, that the genes are too high, and it is therefore necessary to introduce the concept of biological field, How to layout the structure of space-time, biological field, «… the properties of which ... formally adopted. from physical representations "
[1]. This basic field, by Gurviču, will be ... the equivalent chromosomes. ". And further: «… chromatin remains "active", t. (e). is the bearer of the active field, only in non-equilibrium State
[2]. Here you can see the foresight laser pumping chromosomes as is typical of non-equilibrium State, we obtained in vitro after 50 years for DNA and nukleogistona [18].Blizkie ideas we see in A. A. Lubishchev in its work 1925. "On the nature of hereditary factors" . He writes: "Genes are not living beings, No pieces of chromosomes, Neither the autocatalytic molecules of enzymes, Neither the radicals, no physical structure, no power, caused by the material carrier of; We must recognize the gene as intangible substance (allocated P.g.), similar to the èmbrional′nomu field, Gurvich, but the potential " (allocated P.g.)
[3]. And further: «… the interaction of heredity and of chromosomes like the relation of matter and memory as Bergsonu ... Genes in genotype constitute the mosaic, a harmonic unity, like the chorus " (allocated P.g.).
[4] After 3 years of our other Russian scientific predecessor - in. N. Beklemishev comes to those same ideas in their work, well done in Perm, "Methodology of Systematics".
To get closer to the real morfoprocessu (and population), -You must accept the idea of music and speech as some models of genetic vectors. And in music, and in a speech. There are anatomical properties (There may be signs of stages) -height, the sound intensity, overtones, etc., and hence, possible description of the individual stages of the, and the formal description of the process in its entirety. Music thing is similar to morfoprocessu much more, What at first sight seems. Between the two processes is striking difference: changes in the developing body of accumulated, changes in the flow of the music are completely. But the true subject of development in music is an aesthetic impression; It grows and develops as a result of playing time. The morfoprocess complex of the spiritual body. That is an analogue of the latter in animal and vegetable organisms? Do not thread the formatic irritations, adjustable individual whole and Morphogenesis parts Guide?”