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Linguistics - Wave Genetics is a major branch of the main trunk of the biology and classical genetics.

Institute of quantum Genetics takes the concept of a GENE on the quantum level and actually displays Classical genetics of experimentally-theoretical impasse.

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This work started in 1920-th in Russia by A.G. Gurvich , but was abandoned and forgotten.. It was continued in 1984 by our team..Read more


Research conducted at the Institute of physical and technical problems of the USSR, then at MSU, FIAN, in IPU RAN, in Canada (Toronto, SynX), the MSTU. AD. Bauman and others. scientific structures.Read more


With the help of certain laser technology, We get special sound spectra, to use as a human from the pathology State moves to normal.Read more

Peter P. Garyaev

Since 1984, Garyaev Pyotr Petrovich began research in the field of new directions in genetic coding, which served as the basis for the creation in 1994 of a new direction in genetics. This direction is called Wave Genetics, and then Lingvistiko-wave Genetics.

Working at the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences as a senior researcher and group leader (1984 – 1998.), Garyaev Petr Petrovich discovered two, previously unknown, unusual kinds of memory of DNA molecules, which was recorded by correlation laser spectroscopy.

In 2013, at the initiative of P. P. Garyaev was established by LLC "Institute of Quantum Genetics", director and supervisor of which, Naturally, was Peter Petrovich himself.

Garyaev Pyotr Petrovich was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2021. However, premature withdrawal prevented this from happening..

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Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garjaeva

Wife, friend and colleague of Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev – Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garyaeva

Peter Petrovich and Ekaterina Alexandrovna lived together for almost 30 years. Their lives were filled with a common cause., mutual understanding and complementarity of each other on all scientific and life issues. Pyotr Petrovich met Ekaterina Alexandrovna at Moscow State University, where she was then in her third year of biology and was very interested in unusual phenomena.

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Memoirs of Eduard Borisov

Borisov Eduard Isidorovich, assistant professor, PhD in Technical Sciences, For 40 years he worked at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He supervised scientific and methodological work at the Faculty of Physical Culture and Health. He is the author of more than 150 publications in domestic and foreign publications, including those published at the Moscow State Technical University named after. Bauman. His books- "Modern ideas about health. A View from the West. View from the East. From Ancient Teachings to the Latest Achievements of Science", "Worldview and Health: The West's Perspective. An East's View. Practical Recommendations" and others.

Fate brought me together with Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev in 2006. By that time, for many years at MSTU. N.E. Bauman successfully held a scientific seminar called "HOMO", created by the then Rector of the University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Georgy Aleksandrovich Nikolaev. Many outstanding scientists were invited to the seminar, as well as young people with new original, then not yet accepted by academic science, Ideas. At the same time, he received a PhD in Psychology, Mansurova Raisa Akhmetovna, For many years, she has been successfully conducting seminars "The Way to Yourself" in various cities of Russia, "Self-regulation", etc., in which spontaneous remissions often occurred, Healing Complex Diseases, people's destinies changed radically.

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be careful ! Fraudulent sites appeared on the Internet, providing false scientific information and distributing fake copies of sound programs-matrices of Peter Petrovich Gariaev.

We publish some of them: , (Tarasenko Svyatoslav), Matrices, which is laid out by Andrey Tirtha (Tirtha), Ukraine, , , Tóth Roland, Венгрия - are not partners and have nothing to do with the Petr Petrovich matrices

Ecosvet LLC, Individual Entrepreneur Gnusin Roman Aleksandrovich - provide false information and are not affiliates

We have never posted matrices of Petr Gariaev on the Internet for free access (an exception - those, what can be downloaded from our website), to exclude the introduction of any information, which distorts the original sound programs, and may lead to unpredictable results in the future..

The original products of the Institute of Linguistic Wave Genetics of Petr Petrovich Gariaev are presented only on the official websites: and

What to do with coronavirus?

Here it is, what P said on this serious topic. P. Garyaev

We got unique experimental results., which, probably, are relevant to the covid pandemic. We saw and recorded, that real genes can be dematerialized and be constituents of immaterial electromagnetic fields. And genes can reappear as matter, as proved by quantum physics for elementary particles - photons, electrons etc. However, and here is the coronavirus pandemic? His genes, as a collection of elementary particles, also (I guess) can acquire the state of an electromagnetic field. As a result, genes temporarily disappear as matter. This means, that under certain conditions our genes and virus genes, infected us, can fluctuate in such a quantum way - then disappear, then arise. If so, then we can now explain the unusual and dangerous behavior of the Covid-19 coronavirus genes for us

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In the Biokvant Center you can undergo bioresonance diagnostics of the state of health using a hardware and software complex.

In a non-invasive way, using a special trigger sensor, we receive information about the state of the body of a particular person. Trigger sensor picks up subtle signal fluctuations, Trigger sensor picks up subtle signal fluctuations, Trigger sensor picks up subtle signal fluctuations, processed by a microprocessor for transfer to a computer. processed by a microprocessor for transfer to a computer.

By removing the frequency characteristics of a particular organism, By removing the frequency characteristics of a particular organism (By removing the frequency characteristics of a particular organism, By removing the frequency characteristics of a particular organism, infectious agents) infectious agents.

infectious agents, that the results of this study are not a definitive diagnosis.

Diagnosis is carried out by our specialist on Saturdays, 10.00 to 18.00 that the results of this study are not a definitive diagnosis. Стоимость процедуры 3000 рублей.

The cost of the procedure is 2000 rubles, Olga Fedorovna

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Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic Wave Genome

Preface to the monograph Quantum Consciousness of the Linguistic Wave Genome. Theory and practice. Dr. Peter P. Garyaev.
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Real-quantum gene duality

Investigation of the presence of gene sequences from previous sound recordings in a common pool of total DNA, obtained using random primers. A characteristic feature of the discovered long-term spatio-temporal genetic memory is its on and off c..
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A state of genetics and molecular biology, 2020

Status of Genetics and Molecular Biology in 2020 in the light of the Decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on November 28, 2018. № 680 “On the development of genetic technology in the Russian Federation” The present..
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Ciomiya genetic code

On the basis of theoretical analysis and experimental work analyzes the role of the third nucleotide codons during protein biosynthesis. Its value implies expanding over existing ideas. View / download PDF article..
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Genetic code model

Different understanding of patterns of genetic code. Theoretical analysis of the. In recent years, there have been numerous adherents long time expressed the thought and vision of the famous Russian biologist A.G.Gurvicha about, that the hope of the genes for..
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Quantum teleportation of photons

    Keyword research, which will prove the principle possibility of quantum teleportation of photons.     This is necessary for fundamental physical reasons of principle possibility of distant broadcast genetic and metabolic information using polarized (spiniruûŝih) photons. Proof,..
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Presentation of Linguistics-Wave genetics

ZHKIM - Liquid Quantum Information Matrix

Wave genetics

Work in the field of the new scientific direction "Wave Genetics" was started in 1984. Then it was possible, Using the method of correlation laser spectroscopy, detect two previously unknown types of DNA memory.

The first type of memory is the memory of nonlinear systems for initial excitation modes, the so-called Fermi-Pasta-Ulam effect. In biosystems, this memory provides the process of embryogenesis, Tissue regeneration processes (organs) living organisms. This is one of the key information processes in biosystems. Managing this process, And within the framework of current research, it seems quite real, It will make it possible to regenerate human organs and tissues, thereby prolong its active life.

The second type of memory is the ability of biomacromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) to produce eigenquantum equivalents based on a controlled change in the spin states of atoms of biomolecules. In the human body, the second type of memory plays a strategic role, as a process of quantum biocomputing, i.e. the strategic management of all genetic processes. And, in the end, life itself. These processes can be artificially corrected - to treat a person and prolong his life. The discovery of the emergence of quantum equivalents of biosubstances opens up wide opportunities for using them to treat people on completely different principles, which will be used in the future. It's, A whole new direction, It can be called biospintronikoy.

Technologies of Linguistic-Wave Genetics provide a unique opportunity to record genetic-metabolic spin therapeutic information in the form of sound programs - Garyaev matrices, that controlling and correcting human health information, taken from him in a healthy state.

Linguistics - wave genetics

Linguistic-wave genetics is a major branch of the main trunk of biology and classical genetics. Work, which are carried out at the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics, Prove, that genes function at the quantum level as well, What brings classical genetics out of the experimental-theoretical impasse, in which she hit. The impasse arose because, the basic model of genetic coding, proposed by Western scholars and M.Nirenbergom F.Krikom in 1968, is in fact erroneous, though it has positive points. This has led humanity to tragic term gradual genetic collapse and total degradation. And not only humanity, but all life on Earth. This is due, primarily, with a growing wave of genetically modified viruses, bacteria, plants, animals. And in the end, Human. The first consequence of this situation steel GMO foods genetically modified, that has already led to severe consequences. The site provides detailed explanations on this matter. This state of things must end, before it's too late. However,, The Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics has unimaginable beneficial prospects. Confirmations have already been received.

Linguistic-Wave Genetics, in principle, the, can cure ANY illness and prolong the lives of people on indefinitely. It can create technologies for the biosynthesis of natural food without slaughterhouses, without wheat, corn, Rye, etc.. This will free up vast areas of land and prevent deforestation. Linguistic-wave genetics provides the basis for the creation of quantum biocomputers, the power of superior all digital computers, taken together,. Linguistics – Wave genetics is able to create the basis for long-distance communication of people without electronics, emitting harmful electromagnetic fields. It will be biointernet based on telepathy. The theoretical possibility for the development of the methodology is indicated, which will allow for a fairly rapid learning of children and students.

The Word, Ligvistik-Wave genetics will provide a breakthrough for humanity to another, the highest level of development.