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Linguistics - Wave Genetics is a major branch of the main trunk of the biology and classical genetics.

Institute of quantum Genetics takes the concept of a GENE on the quantum level and actually displays Classical genetics of experimentally-theoretical impasse.

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This work began in Russia in the 20-ies of the last century by the Gurvich AG, but forgotten. this work since 1984, we have continued.Read more


Research conducted at the Institute of physical and technical problems of the USSR, then at MSU, FIAN, in IPU RAN, in Canada (Toronto, SynX), the MSTU. AD. Bauman and others. scientific structures.Read more


With the help of certain laser technology, We get special sound spectra, to use as a human from the pathology State moves to normal.Read more

Peter P. Garyaev

Since 1984 Garyaev Petr Petrovich began research into new areas of genetic coding and by 1994 created a new trend in genetics - The Wave Genetics, and then Lingvistiko - The Wave Genetics. In 1997. on the topic Garyaev Peter defended his doctoral thesis in the MSTU. Bauman of HIAC. Was elected as academician of RANS and RAMTN and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In 2013, Pyotr Garyaev established "Institute of Quantum Genetics".

While working at the Institute of physical and technical problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1984-1998g.g.) as a senior research officer and group leader, Peter gariaev Petrovic found two, previously unknown, unusual kinds of memory of DNA molecules. This has been fixed by correlation laser spectroscopy.

Quantum programming of stem cells within the framework of natural programs, used by the human body, It is one of the key technologies of linguistics - wave Genetics, that develops a group Garyaev PP.



August 23-25
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London SW7 4LH


Seminar "Linguistic Wave Genetics"

Academician Petr Garyaev talk about fundamental scientific discoveries of Russian biologists. How are they able to prove, that chromosomes are the quantum equivalents? What is the text from the point of view of genetics? How organisms are reading their own DNA and see it as a movie? Can I transfer the genetic information in the distance ? Is there a cure "incurable disease"? What awaits mankind, if we continue to use GMO foods, and how to solve the problem of the demographic crisis by increasing the duration of life, organ regeneration, genetic treatment and other miracles of modern nauki.Mozhno to live a hundred years without disease? How to stop the aging of the body? What is the Matrix? ... All these and many other questions will be answered founder of wave genetics Academician Petr Garyaev.Ne miss the opportunity to become personally acquainted with the great Russian scientist! Secure your place on one day seminar today!

date: 19.10.2019

seminar time: 10-15 hours (1 hour break)
Location: congress hall SMELT
Address: Dunajska cesta 160, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia (near highway). About the congress hall, there is parking for cars.
organizers: Molecule - Representative of the Institute of Genetics of the wave (Zagreb) and Studio 12 (Ljubljana)
The seminar will take place simultaneously with the translation from Russian into Slovenian and Croatian.

Sale of tickets for the seminar

For any additional questions, please e-mail: or

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Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 2007, # 2, с. 155-158

Effect biostructures modulated electromagnetic radiation for a alloxan diabetes in rats P.P.Garyaev, A.A.Kokaya *, I.V.Muhina *, E.A.Leonova-Garyaeva, N.G.Kokaya * Inkomnauka, Moscow; * Central research laboratory below the city-state medical academy Results, that exposure modulated..
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Presentation of Linguistics-Wave genetics

ZHKIM - Liquid Quantum Information Matrix

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Method and device for wave display replicative DNA

Method and device of managed wave effects on Varroa mite

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Wave genetics

Work in the field created by the direction of wave genetics research initiated in 1984, When unable to, using the method of correlation laser spectroscopy to detect two previously unknown types of DNA memory.

The first - a memory, which describes the problem of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam. She's in the physics of nonlinear systems is known as a memory of nonlinear systems in the initial excitation mode. In biological systems, this memory provides tissue regeneration (bodies), including embryogenesis. This is one of the key information processes in biosystems. Managing them, and it's real, It will make it possible to regenerate human organs and tissues, thereby prolong its active life. The second is the ability of DNA molecules to produce their own quantum equivalents based on managed change spin States of atoms bioveshhestv. In humans, it plays a strategic role as a process of quantum biocomputing, i.e.. the strategic management of all genetic processes, So, in the end, and life itself. These same processes can be adjusted artificially - to treat and prolong the life of man. The formation of quantum bioveshhestv equivalents are characterized not only by DNA, but all substances of the human body, that offers great opportunities to use them to treat people on different principles. This trend, future direction, It can be called biospintronikoy. Our technologies linguistic and wave genetics provide a unique opportunity to write the genetic and metabolic therapeutic spin information into solid and liquid media - Garyaev matrix, that controlling and correcting human health information, which was taken from him in a healthy condition.

Linguistics - wave genetics

Linguistics - Wave Genetics is a major branch of the main trunk of the biology and classical genetics. Institute of quantum Genetics takes the concept of a GENE on the quantum level and actually displays Classical genetics of experimentally-theoretical impasse, in which she hit. The impasse arose because, the basic model of genetic coding, proposed by Western scholars and M.Nirenbergom F.Krikom in 1968, is in fact erroneous, though it has positive points. This has led humanity to tragic term gradual genetic collapse and total degradation. And not only humanity, but all life on Earth. This is due primarily to the growing shaft of genetically modified viruses, bacteria, plants, animals. And in the end, Human. The first consequence of this situation steel GMO foods genetically modified, that has already led to severe consequences. The site will be given a detailed explanation about this. This state of things must end, before it's too late. However,, Institute of quantum Genetics has unimaginable beneficial prospects, the first confirmation of what we've got. Wave genetics, in principle, the, can cure ANY illness and prolong the lives of people on indefinitely. Lingvistiko-Wave genetics could create the technology of natural food without slaughterhouses, without wheat, corn, Rye, etc.. This will free up large areas of land and prevent forest trees. Linguistic Wave Genetics can provide a basis for the creation of quantum biocomputers, the power of superior all digital computers, taken together,. Lingvistiko-Wave Genetics will create a basis for long-haul communications people without electronics, emitting harmful electromagnetic fields. It will be biointernet based on telepathy. Institute of quantum Genetics will enable quick learning of children and students. The Word, the wave genetics will jerk of humanity on the other, the highest level of development.