ZHKIM - Liquid Quantum Information Matrix

An innovative technology for regeneration of affected tissues

technology ZHKIM

The technology is based on the principles of linguistic-wave genetics, formulated by acad . Russian Academy of Natural Science , Doctor of Biological Sciences, P.P. Garyaev.

The central position of Linguistic-Wave Genetics is the substantiation of the material-wave dualism of genetic information and the proof of existence of wave genes, performing strategic regulatory functions in humans and other living organisms.


ZHKM. Liquid Quantum Information Matrix

ZHKM – This liquid medium for culturing human cells, enriched with micro- and macro, vitamins, quantum programmed by the treatment of lesions of various tissues and organs of the body.

ZHKIM acts as a real, and information on the affected cells, regenerate damaged tissue. In the treatment of wounds ZHKIM, possessing its own regenerative properties, also provides information on healthy cells of the struck. The process of cell death is stopped, It begins a sharp rise in their division, regeneration. The affected area is fully restored.


Applications ZHKIM

regenerative medicine. diabetic foot syndrome, severe frostbite, burns, etc.

diabedicheskoy foot syndrome (SDS) in diabetes (SD). Complication in patients (SD), It affects the peripheral nervous system, articular, Bone tissue stop, blood vessels.

The number of patients * SD / SDS (8%-10%)

Frostbite and burns tissue. In Russia, the total Number of injuries 12 million. * ** frostbite make (~ 1 %) -> ~ 120 thousand. people.

The treated antiseptic affected body surface, applied sterile napkin, soaked in ZHKIM to put into it quantum information, normalizes the body.


In Presentations, presented documented cases of successful application in regenerative medicine ZHKIM.