Presentation of Linguistics-Wave genetics

Quantum programming of human stem cells

Regeneration of the damaged spinal cord using the technologies of linguistic-wave genetics (LVG).

spinal cord injury – Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

The number of SCI patients is constantly growing hkps:// 2016.pdf

Cost Estimation for SCI Treatment

Treatment of SCI patients is expensive, long and without a guarantee of full recovery. 2016.pdf

Basic Treatments for SCI

This is a complex of various expensive diagnostic methods, surgical and therapeutic treatment, long time rehabilitation (respiratory therapy, functional electrical stimulation, improved motor function, etc.). Stem cell treatment of patients with SCI – the most promising direction associated with the possibility of regeneration of the injured spinal cord. However, despite a number of achievements, stem cells can cause
development of tumors due to the continuous ability of proliferation i.e. , division, growth by reproduction. There are a number of ethical, social, and stringent legal restrictions on their use.
Today, there are no methods of treating SCI to completely restore the damaged spinal cord due to the extremely low regenerative potential of the brain tissue.

Suggested treatment solution for SCI

Therapy with sound linguistic-wave genetic matrices Garyaeva P.P. and stem cells processed by the wave genetic neurogenesis quantum program. Unlike traditional medicine, employing a real gene, Local Convex Groupuscule technology uses quantum equivalents of genes. A pool of quantum equivalents of genes is introduced into mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the patient's adipose tissue, triggering the genesis of neurons and carry out the programming of mesenchymal stem cells, which are injected into the patient's bloodstream.

The attached presentation provides a case report on successful treatment by Matthew Cohen.

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