Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garjaeva

Wife, friend and colleague of Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev – Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garyaeva

Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garjaeva
Peter Petrovich and Ekaterina Alexandrovna lived together for almost 30 years. Their lives were filled with a common cause., mutual understanding and complementarity of each other on all scientific and life issues.
Pyotr Petrovich met Ekaterina Alexandrovna at Moscow State University, where she was then in her third year of biology and was very interested in unusual phenomena. Worked at the Department of Biophysics (and still works) Professor, who studied quantum physics. Peter Petrovich collaborated with this professor and, just at this time, selected young scientists to his laboratory who were keen on his topic. How Ekaterina Alexandrovna herself recalls this episode, the professor addressed her with words: "Katia, you want to learn something unusual? I'll introduce you to an interesting person. Also, what she do, - it's very interesting, And that's what the future is for.". Then, more student, words of a respected professor of Moscow State University, remembered for a lifetime.

From that moment the joint scientific work of Ekaterina Alexandrovna and Peter Petrovich began.. In spite of the fact, that Peter Petrovich was almost thirty years older, and was already well known in academia, Ekaterina Alexandrovna became not only his like-minded person, but also Muse! Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev at that time was a candidate of biological sciences, defended at Moscow State University, but did not hold any position and did not officially work anywhere.

As Ekaterina Alexandrovna says, they went to institutes all the time., literally begged, to be helped to conduct this or that experiment, since there was no laboratory of its own at that time. And then Ekaterina Alexandrovna continues: "At that time, people often worked on enthusiasm., the theory itself, which Garyaev expounded, was very interesting. Therefore, many agreed to conduct experiments. This is how we got the results, on the basis of which it was strengthened and formed Theory of Linguistic-Wave Genetics (LVG). Garyaev was a fighter by nature and always kept himself "on alert.". As he repeatedly stressed, that he has a purpose in life. The meaning of this goal: prove by all means, that there is not only that biology, which we have studied and are studying at school and at the institute."

In the scientific world, the attitude towards Petr Petrovich was far from unambiguous. Someone helped - so it was, when he was invited to the Bauman Moscow State Technical University for the position of chief researcher. He was given a group of employees, provided funding and all the necessary tools. Peter Petrovich gladly started his work, but a call from the Academy of Sciences not only stopped the work, but the entire group was disbanded.. This was done to him more than once.. Obstructed by inertia, habits, inertia of some professors and academicians, who were used to a certain lifestyle and did not want to change anything... As we know, It's, practically, a common phenomenon not only in the fields of science, but also art, and even in everyday life. At the same time, we can recall the outstanding biologist and geneticist Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov; a scholar of Serbian origin, Physics Engineer, inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering Nikola Tesla. You can remember the great Russian, Soviet religious figure, surgeon, Scientist, spiritual writer, author of works on anesthesiology and purulent surgery – Archbishop Luka (in the world Valentin Feliksovich Voyno-Yasenetsky). However,, such a great scientist and a wonderful surgeon-practitioner, became a victim of repression and spent a total of 11 years in exile. Luckily, during his lifetime, already in 1946, Valentin Feliksovich was actually rehabilitated by the Soviet authorities with the award of the Stalin Prize..

Now Leonova-Garyaeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, candidate of biological sciences (defense took place at Moscow State University, at the Department of Biophysics), is the Director of the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics. This is not a state structure. To obtain the status of a state institution with such a name in our time is almost impossible for various objective and subjective reasons.. But, according to Ekaterina Alexandrovna, it will become possible in the near future.

Linguistic-wave genetics – a new word in science

The path of formation of a new direction is quite classic: many official institutions, up to the Russian Academy of Sciences, hindered research, allowed themselves to officially declare that, that linguistic-wave genetics does not exist!

However, there is no getting away from the facts. It's everywhere.. For example, is it possible to communicate with the souls of dead people? Most academic scientists will answer, that it's impossible, since there is still no evidence of, that it is possible (pundits have not yet discovered the formula for communicating with the other world). Whereas to explain the phenomenon of Sathya Sai Baba, which materialized objects out of thin air? As evidenced by the son of Nicholas Roerich, Svyatoslav Nikolaevich, Sathya Sai Baba materialized not only objects, but also the man himself. And the world-famous Vanga communicated with the dead., for as it is said in the Gospel of Luke: "God is not the God of the dead., but alive, for with Him all are alive.” (Hl. 20, Article. 38).

It would be appropriate to refer to Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva, Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR and Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, whose contribution to science is truly great. In her memoirs, Natalia Petrovna says that, that Vanga's capabilities shook her to the core. And, that Vanga had a unique gift of clairvoyance. This is what convinced the famous neurophysiologist Bekhtereva in the possibility of contact with dead people..

With regard to Garyaev Pyotr Petrovich, many scientists still shared his views.. He was invited to work in various foreign scientific institutions. We had a case, from 2001 to 2002, he conducted the most valuable experiments in Canada. (Toronto). There he experimentally confirmed the correctness of the basic ideas of linguistic-wave genetics. (known studies on pancreatic regeneration in mice).

In 2013, Peter Petrovich managed to create his own institute LLC "Institute of Quantum Genetics". From that moment began volumetric, deeply penetrating into the essence of phenomena, research and development of methods (dubbed "The Matrix"), who are able to correct certain injuries by their effects on the human body, arising in the process of life.

The basis for the creation of Matrices are the basic principles of the body' work - holographic, quantum nonlocality and linguistics. DNA is text, and the sequence of nucleotides in it obeys those laws, on which human speech is built, by which the letters in words are arranged, words in sentences, sentences in texts. Only cells have their own DNA, You can say, ABC, where nucleotides act as letters.

Linguistic-wave genetics – a new direction in science and medicine. Compared to genetics, there is a broader approach to understanding genes., molecules, cells, whole body, where, in addition to biochemical and biophysical processes, field transformations take place. Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev spoke about the DNA molecule, as the basis of all living things, and proved, that it is not only material, real part, but also the field structure. At the same time, it must be said, that Garyaev's theory did not arise out of nowhere, it was based on the works of scientists A.A.. Любищева, V.N.. Беклемишева, A.G.. Gurvich. Gurvich was the first to hypothesize in 1924 that, that chromosomes have a wave or field equivalent.

A person himself acts not only as something material., carnal, but also as a field structure, where there is room for the soul. As stated by N. P. Spondylitis, the soul definitely exists. It is located throughout the body., she doesn't need a separate seat. Clinical death neurophysiologist called temporary non-existence. In moments of clinical death, a person is alive, but in his brain, mechanisms of a holographic nature are turned on..

Ekaterina Alexandrovna Leonova-Garyaeva says the same thing: «Spirit, some information structure, the true essence of man, breathes life into matter, into the human body.", as you know, conforms to biblical statement.

To present, what experiments were conducted to prove field effects, and what evidence of the field origin of the DNA molecule or any other molecule has been obtained, let's turn again to Ekaterina Alexandrovna.

"Imagine, we have a tube (i make it very easy, of course), in which nucleotides are located - building blocks, from which DNA is built. If we place a DNA molecule in such a tube, then after a while it will start to replicate, that is, to synthesize similar copies. This is known in science as polymerase chain reaction, PCR. In his experiments, we didn't put DNA molecules in the test tube, and just served on a test tube INFORMATION ABOUT DNA. The point is, that with a special laser, the principle of operation of which was developed by P. P. Garyaev and his collaborators, you can remove information from any substance or object, and translate it into the sound range. Practical application of information, obtained in this way and forever imprinted in the form of a sound file, very wide. Perhaps infinitely wide.

So here, using such a laser, we read information from a DNA molecule, translated it into a sound file, acting on a test tube with nucleotides, and after a while they detected DNA synthesis. The effect is similar to that, as, if they were placed in a test tube the molecule itself. The Truth, field impact is not always registered. This is due to the fact, that sound-wave information fluctuates, as if it passes from one space to another. However, the fact remains. unit of heredity, a gene is not only something material and material, it's information-wave, field structure.

We can give an example of our other experiment.. They took a glass with ordinary water and acted on it with a sound matrix, which contained information about sugar. Then they lowered the test strip into the glass - and it showed, that water contains sugar. That is, field information was perceived by water! It's a fantastic experiment., proposed by Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev, Scientists, thinking big, non-trivial, constantly striving to learn new things, Unknown. Experiments, supplied by him, show, that primary field. And the field controls the processes, occurring in the system.

About Matrices and what they are
Matrices are divided into universal and individual.

Universal Matrices (programs) are wave (spintronic) displays of biologically active substances of natural, natural origin. For example, royal jelly, honey, Siberian Ginseng, wheat seedlings, etc.. This ready-made programs, that can be used by a person, in accordance with the need for a cure from, or other ailment.

On January 12, 2023, in an interview with Alexander Senchenko with Ekaterina Leonova-Garyaeva, it was told that, that the method of wave genetics allows you to professionally adjust the biological and chemical-physiological properties of the organism, whose task is to reduce the sensitivity to various antigens and pathogens phenomena.

In addition, this interview also announced a new one. Fertilizer matrices to accelerate plant growth and strengthen their immunity.

The full interview can be viewed on YouTube on the channel "New Norm" at the link:


Individual Matrices (programs) are only for the specific person who applied. These programs are created either from a person's photo, or by cord blood and placenta (and once used the root bulb of hair).

A question will often arise, how can you create an individual matrix from a photo. Here it is, what does the respected Ekaterina Alexandrovna say on this topic?: "Photography is an image., key to human database. We usually use baby shot, which depicts a child under seven years old. He should be the only one in the photo., healthy, and better, to smile, was in a good mood. From the photo, by means of a laser, read information, in this case, the photons of the laser beam, when scanning a photo, converted to sound (there is a scientific basis for this), which we record, and get the sound matrix. Yes, it's just the sound, but not simple. It is filled with information.. The sound of the matrix is very similar to the singing of birds, rustle of leaves, sounds of the rain, the murmur of a stream, grasshopper chirping, Flight of the Bumblebee, but the information content is different. These are the wave equivalents of minerals., Stones, plants, biologically active substances. First, than to record, we test the substances themselves, how useful they can be in this case. Each object gives its own sound. Ultimately, the program, consisting of sound, taken from a photo, and sounds of biologically active substances, because in some cases of information, taken from a photo only, insufficiently. The effectiveness of recording from a photo is very much dependent on the condition of the child on it.. If the child was healthy at the time of shooting, the picture was taken in the right heliophysical environment, then the efficiency of such a Matrix is high. Listening only to the sound Matrix itself from the photo led to amazing results.. But, it happens and so, that someone will listen to the Matrix from the photo several times, and he gets worse.. This means, that the child was already sick, or someone, can be, sick, present behind the scenes, stood with the child next to him. Amazing, but the laser is very sensitive to this. The beam reads everything around, and are obtained as if impurities of something extraneous, not directly related to the photo."

In the conversation of Ekaterina Alexandrovna with journalist Smirnov Vladimir Olegovich (for the online edition "Literaturnaya Gazeta") journalist said, that: "From the Bible it is known, that Christ fed five thousand people with five loaves. But who knows, can be, it was the knowledge of the laws of field action that allowed Christ to turn water into wine, and feed five thousand people with five loaves? It seems to me, that the dispute about field influence is a dispute between believers and atheists. I was recording an interview with a famous neurosurgeon, Academician Konovalov. He said, who performed a lot of operations, but did not find the presence of God in man. Also, I did the material with cosmonaut Grechko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences: he had no doubt, that There is a God... Which of them is right?? And who can judge?"

To which the respected Ekaterina Alexandrovna replied in this way: "Probably, judge time and, of course, practice ". The practical application of the ideas of linguistic-wave genetics was started by Peter Petrovich. Practical verification of the created Matrices is carried out in a small office. This is the center "Bioquant", where the Matrices used have all the necessary certificates. In addition, all this is officially licensed. Matrices P. P. Garyaev is already beginning to be used by doctors in fairly well-known clinics in Moscow, and they give good results.

BUT, IT IS WORTH BEING CAREFUL! Unfortunately, now the whole internet is teeming with, the so-called, Garyaev matrices, which are not known how they were obtained, it is not known what information contains, what impact they can have on people. And, the saddest, that speculation on this topic is constantly growing.

The center "Bioquant" also produces information creams, Candles, Liquid. The difference between information creams and conventional creams is that, that conventional creams often contain substances, which, when absorbed and released into the blood, break down into components, not always useful, and sometimes harmful to the body. Quantum creams are devoid of such disadvantages. These medicinal compounds, or rather, information about them, in principle, it cannot decompose and completely retains the properties of biologically active substances. Liquid quantum information matrix ZHKM (ZHKM) has a powerful potential for regeneration of damaged tissues during frostbite, necrosis, gangrene, for the treatment of ulcerative diabetic foot and various kinds of skin lesions.

To enhance the impact of Matrices, an information-wave capsule is used (IWC) and information and energy pyramid (IEP). CPI presents a complex geometric design, which programs the body for recovery, normalizes his condition, affects all kinds of pathologies, restores the processes of self-regulation by changing the information field of cells and tissues, that has no analogues in the world. As practice has shown, to enhance the healing effect of the Matrix in the capsule in the center, the Garyaev matrix modulator with Mishin coils is widely used. Emphasize, that the Garyaev-Mishin modulator can also be used at home.

The IEP uses information on the equivalents of bioactive substances of natural origin for health purposes and human energy development..

A device based on a conventional laser pointer is currently being finalized.. The action of the laser according to the principles of Linguistic-Wave Genetics is to transmit the wave of the laser of the potential of the Matrices. As well as the, further transfer of this potential to any exposed areas of the skin. The potential of the Matrices picks up the laser radiation and carries it with it until contact with open skin, which, as you know, is another organ and is connected to the entire body. Therefore, the information, delivered to any part of the skin (not necessarily on the painful area), will be spread to the whole body.

The capsule is actively used for the treatment of animals, for the prevention of their diseases. We had a case, Chickens, which were placed in a capsule, gave more eggs, and the duration of their active life greatly increased. Cats often climb into the capsule themselves, if they feel bad. In General, animals are very sensitive to information field effects, since they do not have a barrier of consciousness. Positive results were obtained very quickly..

Matrix, creams and liquids are very widely used as individuals, and find great application in medical and recreational institutions of Moscow. And not only that... Already quite a few countries are asking, so that we give them permission to use the technologies listed above: matrices, creams and modulators.

At the end of the interview, journalist Vladimir Smirnov stressed the importance of theoretical and practical research of the Institute of Wave Genetics. In particular, he said: "Intuition tells me, that you, Leonova-Garyaeva Ekaterina, on the right track. I understand, that the research will not end there. But, it's already clear: the possibilities and prospects of quantum genetics go far beyond the horizon, so far, even breathtaking. I got the impression, that you and your Team are born scientists. I won't be surprised, if once your name, Dear Ekaterina Alexandrovna, and the name of the unforgettable Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev will be put on a par with such names, like Maria Sklodowska and Pierre Curie, like Sofia and Vladimir Kovalevsky, like Marie and Antoine Lavoisier..."

Full interview with Ekaterina Alexandrovna – On the doorstep “Literary newspaper” Smirnov Vladimir