Quantum teleportation of photons

teleportation of photons

Fig. 2. Photons, created by type II down-conversion (see. text) in Figure 1. 2. Picture perpendicular dissemination. Photons are produced by steam. Photon (the upper circle) polarized horizontally, While the other photon (lower range) polarized vertically. In points of intersections of the circles of the polarization of photons is vague and all, What is known about them – it's that, that they are different and the, What is their condition is a result of them tangle-free.

Fig. 3. Theoretical prediction of probability 3-times the match between the two detectors Bellovskogo status (f1,f2) and one of them registers State teleportation. Elevation teleportation polarization state of a photon in a 450 drop to zero at zero delay to a 3-fold coincidence detector, analyzing -450 (d1f1f2) ((a) and the constant value for the detector, analyzing +450 (d2f1f2) ((b). Hatched area shows the bounds of teleportation. 4

Fig. 4. The experimental results. Measured values of the 3-times the match d1f1f2 (-450) and d2f1f2 (+450) in the case of the polarization state at teleportation +450 ((a) and (b)) or at -450 ((c) and (d)). The values ​​are plotted as a function of the coincidence delay arrival of photons 1 and 2 on the beam splitter Alice (see. Figure 1b). 3x coincidence of the values ​​applied after subtraction of the random 3-fold contribution (see. text). These data, in comparison to figure 3, together with similar results for other polarizations (Table 1) support for arbitrary State teleportation.

Fig. 5. Values 4-multiple matches (without the background subtraction). Conditions for the 3-fold coincidence with similar Fig.4 photon registration 4 (see. Figure 1b) the subtract join's 3 's multiple background začenij. a and b values ​​show 4-fold in the case of coincidence of the polarization state teleportation +450. You Can See, that matches with such polarization teleported photons obtained without any background subtraction and comprise 70% 3%. These results on teleportation two orthogonal States prove, We got the single photon quantum state teleportation.



Experimental quantum teleportation.
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