Quantum teleportation of photons

teleportation of photons

In the first experiment 1 was polarized photon 450. Teleportation fire as soon as photons 1 and 2 were determined in the state |Ψ|1 2, which is observed in 25% of all possible cases. State Of The
|Ψ|February 1 determined recording overlap between the two detectors f1 and f2 , placed behind disintegrant beam (Figure 1b).
If we have a match f1f2 (between the detectors f1 and f2), 3 also while the photon is polarized at 450 . 3, the photon polarization is analyzed by passing it through a polarization beam splitter, separating -450 and +450 polarization. To demonstrate teleportation (When the beam of the polarizing disintegrant) beeps (registration detection) Once the detector d2 450 and once detectors f1 and f2. Detector d1 at -450 at the output of the polarization beam splitter does not detect the photon. So the record three-times match d2f1f2 (+450 analysis) together with the lack of three-times match d1f1f2 (-450 analysis) is dokazatel′tvom the, 1 that the photon is polarized photon teleported to 3. To perform a temporary overlay, we change in small steps while the photon arrival 2, adjusting the delay between the first and the second down conversion by obratnootražaûŝego mirror (Figure 1b). In this way, we scan the temporary overlay district rasŝepitele beam in order, to observe the teleportation.
Outside the region teleportation each of photons 1 and 2 will go to f1 or f2 independently. The probability of overlap between f1 and f2 is why 50%, that is twice the area of teleportation. Photon 3 has a certain polarization, as an integral part of the confused pair. Therefore, d1 and d2 both have a 50% chance of getting photon 3. This explains the 25% probability for both cases -450 Analysis (match d1f1f2) and +450 Analysis (match d2f1f2) outside the field of teleportation. Fig. 3. Adds predictions of how the delay function. The success of teleportation +450 polarization state is also proved by a decrease to zero at -450 analysis (Fig. 3a) and the same condition for 450 analysis (Fig. 3b).
Theoretical prediction fig. 3 can be accurately interpreted, If we take into account, that lag time reduces by half the matches for two detectors in Bellovskih State analyzers f1 and f2, in comparison with the area outside of the teleportation. Therefore, If the photon polarization 3 does not correlate with other polarizations, It also indicates, that 3-multiple matches reduced by half. The correct photon States the fact Jesus falling curve to zero in Fig. 3a and flat curve in Figure. 3b.
Note, it is equally probable as the production of photons 1, 2 and 3, and the emission of a single source of two down-converted photon pairs. Although there is no photon, coming out of the first source (foton1 is missing), contribution to three times the current rate matches will still be significant. These matches are irrelevant for teleportation and can be interpreted as an indication of blocking the passage of the photon 1. The probability of a random 2-and 3-multiple matches for these processes can be calculated from the experimental results. The experimentally determined value for the 3-multiple coincidences of 68% 1%. The experimental graph Figure 4 we empirically deducted certain random coincidences.
Experimental results for photons, polarized at +450, shown in the left column, fig. 4; Fig. 4a and b should be compared with the theoretical predictions in Figure 3. A strong decrease in signal analysis and -450 constant signal level at +450 analysis shows, 3 that the photon is polarized along the direction (direction along the) photon 1, and this confirms the teleportation.