Quantum teleportation of photons

teleportation of photons

Experimental confirmation
Teleportation is closely linked with the generation and measurement of photon matted; They are the most important tasks for any experimental confirmation. Until now there were only few experimental facilities, that can be confusing State education, and there is no experimentally verified data, to determine all the four Bellovskih States for any kind of quantum systems. However, entangled pair of photons can easily get, and they may be anticipated in at least two of the four Bellovskih States.
We got entangled photons 2 and 3 by parametric down-conversion. In this method, the, in the nonlinear Crystal, entering through the pumping photon may spontaneously decay into two photons, which, in the case of a type 2 parametric down-conversion are able, This in the equation (2) (Fig. 2) [6].
In order to achieve the prediction of photons 1 and 2 in Bell's condition, We have to make them indistinguishable. To achieve this indistinguishability, These two photons we translate in the superposition of a rasŝepitele beam (Figure 1b). If they fall down each side, How is it, that each of them still appears on the sides of the? Sure, that this could happen, If they are recognised, or turn. In quantum physics, we must have a superposition of voltages for these two probabilities. Single pulses, the amplitude of the reflected, received by adding negative signals. However,, It seems, that these two processes mutually exclusive. However, It is only symmetric input status. To antisymmetric State of these two possibilities are other related negative signal, and therefore, they interfere with [15,16]. This satisfies the prediction of photons 1 and 2 the antisymmetric state |Ψ|February 1 in order to place the detectors in each of the splitter outputs, and for simultaneous registration (matches) [17-19].
To be sure, that photons 1 and 2 are indistinguishable at the time of their arrival, their generirut, using pulse beam pumping, and direct through the filters with narrow bandwidth, giving time coherence much more, than the length of the pulse pumping [20]. The experiment had a pumping pulse duration of 200 fs at the repetition frequency 76 MHz. Analysis of the down-converted photons with a wavelength of 788 nm with a slit width of 4 nm showed, their coherence time was 520 fs. This should be understood as, 1 that since the photon is also produced as part of a tangled pairs, its partner can serve as an indicator of the occurrence of the photon 1.
How can the only experiment to prove, an unknown quantum state can teleport? Firstly it should fully demonstrate the, that teleportation is the only known States, where any other conditions disappear. The main thing in their States two polarization components, and, in principle,, We can recognize the horizontal or vertical polarization of radiation source. But it's still not showing, the teleport works for any general superposition, Since the two lines are preferred in our experiments. Therefore, in the first experiment, we choose as a basis teleportation two states of linear polarization of -450 and +450, that already have a superposition of horizontal and vertical polarization. Secondly, the experiment must prove, that teleportation is working on these two fundamental conditions superpoziciâh. Therefore, we also demonstrate teleportation for circular polarization.