Quantum teleportation of photons

teleportation of photons

Tab. 1. The reality of teleportation in 3 's multiple matches
Polarization ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ ⁕ Reality (Visibility)
Results for photon 1, polarized at -450, show, that teleportation is working on a full-scale basis of polarization States (right column fig. 4). We conducted additional research, to exclude any classical explanation of our experimental results and confirm their. In this section we teleported linearly polarized photons 00 and 900, as well as teleported photons with circular polarization. These results are summarized in Table 1., where we demonstrate the reality of the accuracy of 3-x x matches, observed in the orthogonal polarization over analysis.
As stated above, the accuracy obtained after subtracting the random 3-multiple matches. This can be experimentally possible to create the conditions for a 3-fold in the detection of photon coincidences 4, which actually enters one photon in the state of one particle. We measured a 4-fold coincidence in the case of 450 and 900 polarization states, as with the 2-x not orthogonal States.

The following steps
In our experiments we used a pair of polarized photon matted, which are obtained by means of an impulse down-conversion and dvuhfotonnoj Interferometry for the State of polarization of photons from one State to another. But teleportation does not mean, that can only work systems. In addition to pairs of photons or atoms tangled tangled as working you can imagine tangled photons with atoms or photons, ions, etc.. You can then allow the transport conditions such, like for example, fast quantum Decoherence and short lived particles, on some of the more stable system. This opens the prospect of quantum memory, where the information, penosimaâ photons, stored in ion traps, carefully shielded from the environment.
In the future, using the cleaning sputyvaniem [22] – method of improving quality of entanglements with junk Decoherence is proposed during the storing or transmitting particles through noisy channels – it becomes possible to teleport quantum state of a particle in a certain place, even if quantum channels very poor quality so that particles will likely lose its fragile quantum state. The ability to protect quantum States in adverse conditions is of great importance in the field of quantum computing. Teleportation scheme, can also be used to provide links between quantum computers.