Biocomputer function of DNA

However, this is a very dangerous path and need a system of bans on artificial wave genes. This way of working with potential DNA computers means entering new areas of the human genome, semiotic, the entire biosphere, habitats, that nature uses to create human. This idea is reasonable, given the theoretical work on collective symmetry of the genetic code, conducted by Eugene is an illustrious creation at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Research School of Eugene is an illustrious creation show, that is a key part of information, written and recorded as a quasi-speech in the chromosomes of all organisms on our planet, is artificial. Our data on how, the chromosome continuum and DNA any Biosystems is one like antenna, open outside to receive additional (Perhaps, èkzobiologičeskoj) Information, confirm this [52]. You can think of, the genome of organisms of the Earth, at least in part, is the testing ground for semantic Èkzobiologičeskih influences, and in this respect substantially, We've found the primary approaches to integration in the area of semantic semiotiko.
Based on the said, You can predict, the following Outlook iconic manipulation genostrukturami, as the main substrate biokomp′ûterov:
(a)) the creation of artificial memory on genetic molecules, with a truly fantastic performance and capacity,
b) Establishment of DNA biokomp′ûtera, based on wave principles and comparable modes of information processing and functionality with the human brain,
in) realization of distant management of key information processes in biological systems through artificial biocomputers (treatment of cancer, Aids, genetic malformations, sociogenetičeskimi management processes and, eventually, human's lifetime),
y.) active protection from destructive wave influences through the discovered information and wave channel,
d) light èkzobiologičeskih contacts.
To sum it up, ask — what remains of the logic stage experiments with DNA, offered by Adleman and other researchers in the field of DNA computing? This logic is vulnerable, because is based on simplified representations of the emblematic work of the chromosomes, as soon as the material substrate. Wave character functions genostruktur are not taken into account. This inevitably leads to deadlock in trying to use one-dimensional thinking about DNA when creating biokomp′ûtera. In fact, the computer must simulate the function genome in manipulating the wave of information — to create images, including quasi-voice, recognize their, manipulate them as a team. DNA-computer wave sign structures will have a huge biological, and can be, and mental activity. If you take these ideas, It must be a strategic allocation of funding in the genetics, Embryology and genetic engineering, as well as in DNA computing;. DNA-wave computers will be able to manage the supersložnymi processes, really comparable with metabolism and thinking. This is the more likely, because the genome, as we see it, uses the effects of quantum nonlocality.
More details about the hypothesis of quantum nonlocality genome.
In 1935. A. Einstein, B. Podolsky and n. Rosen [53] expressed the, the essence of which is as follows. Quantum object, for example, two of the photon, in the process of separating and scattering retain some semblance of communication (the effect of "tangle-free", «link» (entangle)). The quantum state of one, for example, spin or polarization, can instantly (the zero time) be transferred to another photon, It is analogous to the first, and the first collapses, disappears. And vice versa. The distance between the photons can be any. This purely theoretical idea was named effect, Paradox or the Einstein-Podolsky-channel Rosen (ESR). As a synonym for this phenomenon has also been adopted the term "Quantum Nonlocality" (Quantum NonLocality). It emphasizes instantaneous distribution, nonlocality in the State space of the quantum States of elementary particles. It would seem, violates the principle of causality is the consequence and the reason are not separated by time, If understood as a way of organizing a series of events. So Einstein and collaborators, without the knowledge of the complex structure of time (for example, on the fractal), assess their purely theoretical, but, However,, rigidly formalized, model nepriložimuû how to practice, experiment.