Biocomputer function of DNA

So, An algorithm for solving the Gamil′tonianovskogo way to Adlemanu this is the:
1. Random paths were graph.
2. Saves only those paths, that start (in the case of cities (A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G)) from the start in A and ends in G.
3. If the city has n cities, only stores the path in the n cities (n = 7).
4. Saves only those paths, who are all of one day.
5. Any remaining paths are solutions of. Molecular-biological stages of the solution are the following operations:
(a)) Odnotâžnyh DNA synthesis.
b) Separation length with 20 1996 pp. 16-basic DNA.
in) Mixing them in test tubes.
y.) Selection of strands of DNA with known sequences.
d) The selection of complementary DNA dvutâžnyh reassociaciej.
(e)) PCR-amplification (reproduction) DNA.
f) Cutting of DNA restriktazami.
w) DNA Ligation, complementary "sticky ends".
and) determination of the presence or absence of labeled DNA in test tubes.
What is the effectiveness of such a system of "computing? While existing digital computers producing 109 operations at Joel, "DNA computer" can do 2 • 1019 operations to Joule, ie 1010 more effectively. information density in DNA - 1 bit / nm3, and in existing computers 1012 nm3 comprise 1 bit "[50]. Still,, whether this DNA as part of such a methodology, the work of komp″ûtera? No. In this version,, under controlled conditions, spontaneously, in parallel modes is accumulating a huge amount of DNA (). Including the right (optimal). Then begins the actual computing, but it is the people. A meaningful selection of fractions of DNA is the process of obtaining the solution of traveling salesman problem. The computer here is people, the mental part is the condition to receive a reply. But it is not involved in programming DNA, What drew them together would work with digital komp′ûtingom. DNA itself "programmed" on complementarity in the evolution of living systems. Odnonitevye DNA is initially capable vzaimouznavaniâm. Fundamentally, that complementarity of Adenine-Thymine, Guanine-Cytosine only in the final stages is provided by the close working relationship between hydrogen nitrogen bases. Preliminary sighting of "interference" between odnonitevymi DNA, and between tRNA-mRNA Antigen-antibody, etc.. are carried out at the distant wave interactions ("the recognitions"). This ability of DNA can be called the notion of potency of elemental images, and hence, Computing Conference. But the phenomenon of another kind, namely, DNA-wave computing. The fundamental difference between DNA-wave computing from digital in, that he operates with images of and quasi-speech builds [1, 30]. The bio computer does not work with numbers, as the equivalent of wealth (such, for example, as currency), and with the wealth of. As mentioned, "the traveling salesman problem" successfully and spontaneously, without the mental human participation, are addressed in such acts in vitro self-Assembly — in vivo as ribosomal biogenesis, viruses, membranes, polisub″ediničnyh protein, as well as in the processes of self-organization of the chromosome apparatus after mitosis and meiosis. In addition, These mechanisms are used live cage when ways of rapprochement in Antigen-antibody reactions, tRNA-mRNA, protein-receptor, etc.. These acts achieved quick search and finding the optimal wave vectors of the self-organization of Biosystems, the highest expression of which is the biomorfogenez.
Parallelism and restriktnyh amplification of DNA fragments with the reproduction of many "solutions" in the "computing" model Adlemana can also be seen as an example of artificial nonlocality-generated in the reaction tubes "DNA-semantic" habitats, because there is no spatial and temporal precision binding decisions, the traveling salesman problem. Locality here occurs only after the adoption of the true solution in the local head of the person after the selection of certain factions of the "DNA of winners». The correct and effective use of DNA, as the main information element of a potential biokomp′ûtera, It is inconceivable without an understanding of the new features of genetic molecules in biological systems. It would seem, on the role of the DNA of all clear-long opened the genetic code, There are half a dozen Nobel Prize winners. Like, the advances in genetic engineering. In recent years, however, it turned out, that all is not so rosy. In fact, genetics and Embryology have reached a new level of, When knowledge about DNA, as a carrier of the famous triplet code of proteins, is not enough. As decades ago, we do not know the Chief is how written information about the structure of our body in chromosomes, as it is read. The accepted model of the genetic code — only a weak approach to understanding the human body. Already that, This model assumes that most of the DNA in the chromosomes of "trash", do not perform any role, called into question its validity. It is this "non-coding" part of chromosome material requires a different mindset, especially in trying to create a DNA computer, not to mention our desire to understand the phenomenon of Life.