Biocomputer function of DNA

The DNA-biokomp′ûting.

The language diversity of the genetic apparatus and simulation of iconic wave processes in chromosomes.
We Remind, the chromosome apparatus, as the system of record, stores, modifying and transmitting genetic information, can be addressed simultaneously at the level of Substance and the level well enough studied physical fields, whom, as carriers of genetic and obŝeregulâtornoj information, operates on a continuum of DNA molecules, RNA and proteins. Here are implemented, According to our research, previously unknown types of memory (solitonnaâ, holographic, polarization), and the DNA molecule can work as biolazery and as a record of the laser signal [21, 29]. In addition, We found, that DNA is capable of radiating laser induced broadband electromagnetic radio wave field (see. above). Viewed from this standpoint that the genetic code is significantly different than the "canonical", but inaccurate model. The old model of the genetic code can explain only protein biosynthesis mechanism of living organisms. Therefore, it is only the primary links in the interpretations of a complex hierarchical chain of physical and wave holographic, semiotiko-semantic, in General, shaped, encoding and decoding functions of chromosomes. Dna Molecule, as Geno-the sign continuum any Biosystems, able to build prototype biostructures and organism in general how to register dynamic, successive wave "copies" or "matrix", isomorphic architecture of organisms. This continuum is a razmetočnym, calibration field to build the Biosystems. In this regard, the rapid and precise DNA odnotâžnyh vzaimouznavaniâ, the mechanism, which took Adleman to solve "the traveling salesman problem" is just one of the ways self-organization Biosystems. Vzaimouznavanie, in particular, is because, the molecules of DNA are generated special sverhustojčivye acoustic-electromagnetic waves, solitons, some varieties which can be interpreted in the context of the open in 1949. the phenomenon of Fermi-pasta-Ulam (FPU). These solitons are DNA memory, peculiar phenomenon FPU-return. It is expressed in the, the nonlinear systems are able to remember the initial fashion excitations and periodically to "come back". We Remind, that liquid crystals of DNA within chromosomes is a typical nonlinear system. Another type of DNA memory-continuum in the body-kvazigolografičeskaâ, She and fractal, as any hologram has a fractal. This memory is one of the manifestations of the nonlocality of the genome (see. above), and it is a fundamental property of Biosystems Engineering is to restore the whole of its parts. This property is well known (cuttings of plants, regeneration of the tail in lizards, regeneration of the whole body of oocyte). The most advanced form of this memory-holographic (associative) memory brain, the neurons. All these results are here only because, that it is futile to speculate about a DNA computer, even deciding to using DNA molecules "the salesman", If you do not take into account the new logic in understanding wave signed, coding DNA biofunkcij. Solitary waves (solitons) DNA, running the length of the, may act as "agents" of the iconic structures of the genome. This role perform wave torsion vibrations of nucleotides in the DNA sites odnotâžnyh, as well as RNA [11]. An iconic oscillatory dynamics of such twists of nucleotides is, probably related to, one of many nonlinearly-dynamic semiotic entity genome. With regard to the term "DNA" lyrics, that was taken on loan by linguists for metaphoric use, the structure of this text is DNA really akin to human speech. Our mathematical-linguistic studies [1, 5, 7] have shown, that such a key parameter, as fraktal′nost′, one for DNA and human speech. This can be seen when comparing Rice. 1a, where is the density matrix of chaotic game view some projection of text in English, and rice. 1b, which is similar to a matrix of nucleotide sequence, coding primary structure of a protein casein. Such observations are consistent with earlier work in this area (see, e.g., n. Chomsky's work on the universal grammars or monograph. M.m. Makovsky "Linguistic genetics» (1992.)). Using these theoretical developments and own data on the chemistry of DNA, We were able to experimentally prove to convolution of genetic information in the form of a soliton wave packets, the physical-mathematical formalism of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU).