Biocomputer function of DNA

Such wave packets with an artificially imposed in bio-information they speed, generated by us electronic devices-FPU, can be resonant information contact with the genetic apparatus of animals, plants and, probably related to, man with a subsequent sharp and made changing their metabolism. It Turned Out, the substance of heredity, DNA, is the generator of the FPU-soliton acoustic-electromagnetic fields. That is why FPU-generators are able to enter the wave information in chromosomes for electromagnetic resonant mechanisms. Effectiveness of the FPU-generators by orders of magnitude increases, If in practice use the phenomenon of the mathematical community of fractal structure of DNA "texts" and human speech [1, 30]. Grammar genetic texts is, probably related to, a special case of universal grammars of all languages to people. Why are physical and semantic resonances soliton structures of DNA and synthetic iconic FPU-soliton field, as analogues of natural FPU-chromosomal fields. Entering a certain code generator LSF commands through verbal in the genetic apparatus of radiation-damaged wheat and barley seeds, We have been able to significantly reduce the number of chromosomal aberrations, that is actually block the damaging effect of x-ray irradiation. Moreover, It turned out, It is possible that the preventive protection of the genome of plants from hard x-rays by using adequate wave teams. Control experiments, with chaotic verbal builds (teams), entered through the FPU device in Biosystems genome, have shown, These commands have no effect on chromosomes. These effects are predicted and verified based on the theory of wave propagation of genes and using mathematical computer models, simulate read solitons on DNA genotekstov and retransmission of these texts into other cells and tissue [1-26]. In Figure 1. 2 and 3 show the results of numerical simulation of the dynamics of DNA conformational perturbations [11], showing the dependence of the behavior of seclusion (solitonopodobnoj) waves from the nucleotide sequence of DNA, where this wave was launched. Our other physical-mathematical models and experiments justify TN. "antenna effect" when excited by electromagnetic fields selected collective fashion DNA macromolecules. This is directly connected with the theory of wave propagation of genes, experiments in dvuhfotonnoj pumping genostruktur in vitro and subsequent laser radiation of DNA, and is consistent with the results of the DNA liquid crystals on memorization of infrared pulsed laser signal [29]. Go back to the hypothetical biokomp′ûteru, using a real wave function sign DNA. I see, that you must use when you develop not only the results of the experiment Adlemana and his followers. To realize their potential in vitro, DNA and/or hromomomy should be in their natural environment-in aqueous solution, simulating karioplazmu, and in liquid crystal State. The true wave control, including computer, genostruktur features can be identified in the, as close as possible to those, in the living cell. In the limit of a DNA computer is the living cell. Artificial analogue of cells while not possible. Now we can do only some models approach to wave a sign States the DNA in a cell, as we did with respect to the fixation of DNA-wave information for laser mirrors and regeneration of radiation damaged DNA seeds-radio frequency (see. above). Next, you need to start using wave memory types genostruktur and attempt to construct a memory location, working on the phenomenon of FPU-resonances and/or the ability to record holograms, as well as recording on the phenomenon of polarization-wave laser-DNA-information on localized (compressed, tangled) fotonah. This memory will be many orders of magnitude in terms of, speed, "intelligence" to surpass the existing magnetic memory, optical disks and mass storage units of holographic. The second possibility is related to the types of memory, but amplified the ability of chromosomes to be lazeroaktivnoj by the. Chromosome preparations are in this case both as memory cells, and as lasers, read your own (and navedennuû) holographic, FPU-memory and the memory of the localized fotonah. And finally, the last of the achievable goals is currently using quasi-speech characteristics of DNA. You can create such DNA-lasers, that will highlight and "voice" as a natural genoteksty, and artificial (synthesized by man) character sequence of polynucleotides, imitating natural quasi-speech genoprogrammy.