Aspects of wave transmission of genes

Fig. 6
glucose(Rice. 6) This phenomenon, discovered group p. Garâeva [32].
Identification (materialization) Phantom DNA fragment by PCR with a known sequence of nucleotides. Phantom DNA obtained copyright method [32, patent 2014/06578. 8]. The nucleotide sequences obtained materialized phantom copy of DNA is 98% identical to the original real donor DNA (data about this prepared for printing).

From left to right 1-St, 4 th and 6 th bands (strips) – DNA, synthesized in pure water. 11th Bend – DNA sample (268 bp), mŠÈI has been received from a range of, filed on clean water. The 12th track – bands markers 139, 268, 394 and 613 base pairs of DNA, the lower band this track – šmery primers. 9th track – control without the impact of DNA mŠÈI.

has independent confirmation of group nobeliata l. Montagnier, that also got phantom DNA, but a slightly different method, and also his PCR System materialize [33].
In these experiment some, While not fully understandable properties of glucose and phantoms "cheated" DNA chemical reagent for sugar test strips and DNA polymerase in PCR System, the ghost host glucose and DNA molecules for real. It is necessary to emphasize certain difficulties with detent powered Phantom effects and their materialization, associated with unpredictability in time points fantomoobrazovaniâ and their materialization. This is due, probably related to, with unpredictable yet dynamic hologram traveling wave intensity for bio.
Close transfer, probably related to, fundamentally it is possible for holographic polarization information DNA. As discussed here, "dynamic grid waves of intensity" is, in essence, the usual material probes, then it, like any diffraction grating (ETC), is able to perform the functions of the spectral device, i.e.. refract light (like a glass Prism) Depending on the characteristics of your resolution and frequency of light and angle of incidence of the light on the surface ETC.

This is illustrated in Figure 2.7.

What are the conclusions from the above?
The main conclusion is that, that reflected from the bioobrazca spectrum radiation, set up the grid, will contain a huge amount of valuable information and processes and elements of the structure of living cells. Including DNA composed of chromosomes. And you can learn to extract, explore and exploit.
To understand the importance of this, Suffice it to recall the, a breakthrough in remote (uncontact) research methods have a variety of spectral devices. Even in a simple wedge (Fig. 8) color, raznočastotnyj, spectrum is obtained by, that fixed the dielectric constant glass prisms, each color (the white light) flow to your, individual angle.