Aspects of wave transmission of genes

Such mŠÈI "is not fully researched the accompanying phenomenon work hologram TESTER, which manifests itself in the transformation of integral light response bioobrazca, contains including chromosomal DNA, When reading its information content. Contribution to the information content of mŠÈI and also provide all other optically active molecules (metabolites) investigational bioobrazca-amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins, organic acids, etc..
It is important to note two things. They is, that dynamic lattice waves of intensity in our hologram TESTER has an extremely high resolution, that makes it easy to read and record the DNA of substructure, RNA, Proteins and low molecular metabolites with sizes many times less, than ¼ wave laser (Perhaps, down to the atomic level).
The second circumstance is that, such high-resolution dynamic structure of light waves of intensity, the role of the spectrometer, and yet highly, and while the unpredictable, dynamic as in the volume of living cells in vivo, and when we used laser sensing biosubstratov in vitro.
Thus a comprehensive scan of the sample, that is, the integral of its total volume scan content – in a non linear hard-modulated radio signal, as part of the mŠÈI.
But, with all this, This is just one, private form response, because there are other forms in the context of the concepts of TN. "nonlinear optics".
Any living cell, biotkan′ or body, Naturally, will strive to adapt to unusual as direct laser effects, and secondary mŠÈI.
If this type of signal mŠÈI record and "read" in a certain way, each cell of any other, «listening» mŠÈI the body can get a signal-program function in the return direction. For Example, run processes in the organism, reverse aging, What we are seeing in a number of cases on the use of mŠÈI (testimonials of patients).
There is a third fact. All the above processes take place in a particular space-time Biosystems.
As a result, there is far from a trivial phenomenon. In the practical application of our laser technology we get, probably related to, a combination of Biosystems in its space-time with her same information prototype, on which (in his time) the biosystem and materialized by nature. This idea of Boma and a Universal Hologram Berkovica or the physical universe, where chromosomal DNA any Biosystems is a "bar code" to its structural-functional State, required at a given time. That is, we are conducting some correction of human health. This corresponds to the status of universal Berkovica-Boma information (hologram), Displays all things, including the man from his birth till death [41, 42]. In this regard, the mŠÈI cord blood and placentas of newborns, Perhaps, are sort of addresses to their holographic images and/or bar codes, that is used by us for the normalization of the health.
Moreover, probably related to, These two objects (Man and his hologram Bohm) not only coexist, but intensively interact.
Here manifests another amazing property holograms dynamic traveling waves of intensity.
Omitting detailed explanations, Let's say the only important thing.
As has been said, light image, with holograms of ODI being restored and combined with its original fully equivalent to the Info.
Out of the usual holography is known, some common property: When you restore of holograms is not only the main image object, but the second, psevdoskopičeskoe, "the imaginary" original image.
And as a rule, This image is considered to be "illusory" to, boast industry leading. So with him to fight, because. It is as though it takes energy from the useful "valid" image source original.