Aspects of wave transmission of genes

But the electrons, In fact, also moving with different frequencies, with different speeds. That is, the outer electrons are moving slower, the inner Atomic electrons are moving faster.
But the word "move" refers to, that they have been found with certain probabilities around an atom, But if you run some kind of a Nonstationary process — for example,, outrage as Atom or dislodge the electron, are you starting a flowing wave functions.
If there is a fast process, where are the charges, for example electrons, the protons, the, means, You may experience electromagnetic radiation, and it's just a frequency corresponds to the typical jump times, are you in the process and there is.
Therefore,, If you take a close look at this process and register the Flash of electromagnetic radiation, then you can, decrypting the outbreak and to learn something about the process.
Recently it has been applied to an interesting squirrel – bakteriorodopsinu. This is a unique protein. Real in nature it is a specific type of bacteria, and it's built into their membrane, that is, it sits in the membrane, and he makes the following function. This is a light-sensitive protein: When his cover light, It starts a cycle, a cascade of processes, adjustment, a reconfiguration of this protein, the result of which is the transfer of a Proton from one end of the molecule to another. Since this protein is embedded in the membrane, It turns out, what coverage it works like proton pump. It from one part of the, pumps the protons from one area to another area and there they go, again takes the Proton, pumping and releases. It Turned Out, that this protein has a stage with a completely different temporal scale. Generally the whole cycle runs for about 20-30 milliseconds, that is quite slow.
But certain stages take place in microseconds, and some steps in these phases take place even for a nanosecond and even for PS, There are a range of 12 orders of magnitude in the various transitions in the molecule. The first response of this molecule to light it is performed for 1-2 PS. And to understand the dynamics of this process, requires method, that allows you to go deeper, the picosecond range, that is, in the femtosecond range, at least hundreds or tens of femtoseconds is seen using this technique.
Thus, We can conclude that, that dynamic hologram TESTER-is the most, the tool is coveted dream of physicists and biologists.
Using this dynamic holography has been possible. convert and form new beams of light, different frequency at tens or hundreds of percent [27, 28, 30].
It is the phenomenon and has been fixed in our experimental setup – unusual occurrence frequency fluctuations, correlated with the content of the bio-objects, irradiated light laser radiation. However,, for the sake of Justice, It should be noted, that raznočastotnyj response bioobrazca to laser exposure may have a number of other, different causes, including the interpretation of the, described in previous models [3, 4].
So, We interpret it in a new way that very phenomenon, for a long time did not find his explanations. But we give only one of the versions of, where is the radio signal, vigorously carrying genetic information. This version supplements earlier proposed us hypothesis occurrence mŠÈI based on the theory of localized light [3].
The radio signal is generated by a dynamic hologram is the TESTER at the expense of fast reading (down to femtoseconds) complex response of all optically active molecule bioobrazca, including DNA, RNA and Proteins, the sophisticated laser effect. Such a radio signal is part of the modulated wideband secondary electromagnetic radiation (MBER) This laser.