Aspects of wave transmission of genes

Hologram in the ODI all wrong, as in conventional hologram. Experimentally determined, the holograms (TESTER) spectral structure of radiation psevdoskopičeskogo ("imaginary") images, is distorted in accordance with the law of the Doppler effect. And that is why reading radiation does not affect the structure of the hologram TESTER. What this means in practice?
So this is what, that while there and a bulk material dynamic standing wave system – object model, able to record and play back any radiation of real objects, but an imaginary image it does not create. First thought, that holography traveling waves no intensity Wednesday will not be able to reproduce the subtle, high-frequency oscillation intensity. However, this proved a mistake. Moreover, It was discovered, that reproducible any fluctuations. But, the most important thing was that the, that hologram TESTER, steel forming only one image, identical to the original.
"Imaginary" is always automatically samopodavlâetsâ (extinguished) a "valid" Ray (Oh) -always intensifies [27].
Therefore,, eventually, always dominates only the media image, coding biome, Which one, as we have already pointed out, completely combined with real biosistemoj. This means, the real biosystem gets, How would a reinforced, double white wireframe. And because – powerful energy-informational recharge, as well as a direct opportunity for further adjustment of its structure, If we have the appropriate technology . The specific content of such additional adjustments we here do not consider.
However,, semantic content of this phenomenon (in our conditions) You can express the biblical: "Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness" (Genesis. 1, 26).
An interesting and important result may be another, a side, an experiment on the same laser installation.
If in the course of the experiment with the adjustment table source radiotherapy treatment field bioobrazec, then for a while nothing will change, because real estate will be fully replaced its full holographic copy, which the information and is not physically distinguishable from the original.
On this account there is not only the direct experimental verification of wave genetics (Phantom images) [32, 33], but purely physical, implemented at the atomic level, as described, for example, in the work of the [24].
Phantom forms can be illustrated by the way [37], If you take the meaning of these phenomena so. Us is (It seems to, It seems and is) something, that is not physically (or non-existent in reality).
For Example, We can record on a hologram of an ordinary optical lens, and then, After chemical treatment (manifestations of) This hologram, the sunlight use this completely flat "hologram lens», as a real lens. And it will successfully replace the physically real lens, Although structurally and physically she did not like it.
Fig. 5
glucoseThis is another fundamental property of holography: Holography-direct alternate reality.
In biological experiments, this phenomenon also finds its practical confirmation.
In particular, the phenomena that he found while porting content simple biosubstrata-mŠÈI range of glucose (in audio mp3 format), the samples of purified water. This resulted in the water some phantom glucose equivalent, that gave high-quality colour reaction for glucose in special test strips (Fig. 5).
This situation is analogous to the materialization of the DNA fragment mŠÈI (DNA phantom) in the polymerization chain reaction (PCR)Полимеразная_цепная_реакция )