Fractalness intelligence

(A). Petrov: There is also a very interesting phase-when the poetic texts begin from there go. When one reaches a certain dive into your own consciousness, analyzing the DNA-continuum, There is a very significant, but poètizirovannaâ information, that is, she rhymed. It Turns Out, as this possibility is. This we know, that different people are writing in different ways (from right to left, from left to right, etc.), It means, that the writing and the structure of DNA is a common. That is, each nation is developing a global programme, which has a fixation on DNA level. Pyotr Petrovich by science, and we on the other hand, We see the same. And we have also been working with stem cells, regeneration is based on stem cells is conducted.

P. Garyaev: What is now prospect occurs. Here is the broadband electromagnetic spectrum DNA, What we learn from it. With it, you can operate on specific programs and reach the most different biological effects. Only a careful work. There is no end of work. It will also be a sort of wave of genetic engineering. But we will not go ahead, How are today's transgenic "engineers". First, you need to understand the genome, and after manipulated for the benefit of the people and all life on Earth. Spectra, What we record, You can receive not only with DNA, cells and organisms. Any substance gives these unusual and previously unknown spectra. In general this is a new type of dynamic polarization-wave laser spectroscopy. We here at the very beginning. For Example, You can get gem spectra. Many of them have biological activity, and it reinforces many Spectra ratio. And they all give their unique ringtones, If you translate the range of radio waves into sound.

(A). Petrov: In his time, We have a boy, When we're with Igor Vital′evičem Arep′evym worked, and he had a crisis situation. And at the same time, it was evident, There is a forecast for a future phase, What if now display child from this crisis, He then becomes a serial killer, Maniac. And here is the difference between a device and an, which still promotes itself, instead of the device. Because he has the ability to predict the future and know, What will happen next. And the boy was found a solution-first a spiritual development, and then his health-correction. And then here is this heavy forecast phase is gone.

P. Garyaev: To sum it up, back to our experiments with rats. Actually, We have programmed for stem cells. The task now facing medicine, because programming stem cells is the possibility to replace the old and sick people to new bodies, slow their aging, to extend the active life. Here are investing billions of dollars around the world. AND, I have to say, wasted. Without an understanding of the principles of wave genetics, the problem will become a black hole, where wasted will inject money and labor researchers. The only question is why? After all, your problem is it, touted by Saucerful. But it was hard to be presented is the result of 20 years of theoretical and experimental work.

I thank my numerous collaborators and colleagues, I worked these decades, without cooperation with which nothing would have happened. Especially, I am grateful to the optical Department of the FIANa, with whom I was able to work productively for 10 years, and I think the closest colleague, the brilliant physics-George G. Tertyšnomu.