Fractalness intelligence

Me to this state of affairs is not satisfactory. Think, and many other biologists. This conspiracy of silence scientific official publication. And the reason is simple. Analysis of the genetic apparatus of omonimij logically leads to a strong, I would say, the fundamental thesis of quasi reasonableness genome. To select the correct amino acid in the protein synthesizing ambiguity break situation the system you need to READ, read not in a metaphorical sense, but really, the mRNA molecule, i.e.. context and understand its meaning. And make a decision about choosing the "right" amino acid or a stop signal. This can be done only through the ACT of THINKING, REASONABLY, What does the genome MENTAL BEGINNING. Therefore, the genome is based not only on pure Biochemistry and physics interactions information biomakromolekul, umalčivalos′ official bashfully that the scientific community to please hard materialism and mercantile reasons. The concept of quasi reasonableness genome displays in a whole other area of knowledge, until now either unavailable, or intentionally hiding behind. Both this and the revision of the philosophical positions about the function and origin of our chromosomes, and at the same time, a review of all technologies of genetics, doctors. Therefore, This leads to reorient the financial flows in biology and medicine, many not to taste. In addition I will say, the recent works of V.i. Scherbak proved another fundamental fact is protein code operates mathematics using an overly abstract notions of ZERO.
I. Shcherbak found in genetic calculation using zero. This is an extremely important fact, because zero is a purely mental creation, giving rise to a koordinatnomu consciousness and its quantitative evaluation measures the outside world, which is interpreted by the domestic organizmennym genetic consciousness-calculus. Thus, figures (along with the letters) become an integral part of the genetic (protein) code. And we must take the next strong position, the in vivo is an arithmetic operation in linguistic and/or textual genetics.
So, protein synthesis and genome in general have the ability to calculate the mathematical thinking and quasi as part of its. I Will Note, that's not the thinking brain level, and quasi thinking genetic apparatus as biokomp′ûtera. Here we are dealing with different supported units of the same phenomenon-thinking and consciousness at the level of the cerebral cortex (one dimension of the highest order) and thinking and consciousness at the level of chromosomes and the protein synthesizing system (another dimension of the same, but the micro-scale). These simple considerations make biology, Genetics, medicine in completely different habitats, and it is clear to us, the canonical model of the genetic code is not FULL. The genome is a lingvistiko-mathematical structure, texts and algorithms of the creator. Thus it is necessary to take into account our recent theoretical and experimental development. They viewed, that genetic texts and other shaped character structure of the genome can be stored in the form of a hologram in liquid crystal polarization of chromosomes [Dmitri Tertyshny, Garyaev, 2007, Wave genetic control biological profiles of nanotechnology. Theory and experiments. New medical technologies, 2007, # 7, c. 49-64]. This information pool is huge and takes up most of the genome - about 98%. Amazing, the 98% of the genetic material is not well understood genetics and official called "garbage"! But that's a topic for a separate big conversation.
It is also significantly, that the highest form of human consciousness at the level of the cerebral cortex are, apparently, the hromosomnym apparatus, as a major figure in any cell information. Correlate of thinking and consciousness once again are the text structure of sinteziruûŝihsâ protein fractions quickly. I Will Note, the most powerful synthesis of proteins is the brain, cortical neurons. The genome of the brain is also on the way golografirovaniâ with DNA resources. Thus, the way to start thinking-consciousness is based on material structures of DNA molecules, RNA and proteins, which are the reflections of speech technologies and Creator, as another being his thoughts.