Fractalness intelligence

Peter P. Garyaev, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of medico-technical sciences, rans:
As far as I understand, We have a society of mutual respect, very narrow, and while little, but the Russian Academy of Sciences we are listening. It's nice to.
After returning from Canada, of the glorious city of Toronto, it's been almost 5 years, devoted to the, We have tried unsuccessfully to seduce ..., so they responded to us, but, However,, due to the fact, I'm with Arkady Naumovich Petrov, watching his work, travelled widely around the country, I have visited and in Nizhny Novgorod, where on TV.
Our ideas greatly impressed a group of young doctors from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. They told me: "Teach us, and we repeat it with their own hands, that you have shown in Canada on water transfer of genetic information. Tell them-need to purchase a special laser. They have acquired, We have modified, turning it into a quantum biocomputers, which, thanks to its schema register sign (the genetic) occurrence dynamics of bio-objects. When the photons of a biokomp′ûtera scan the living cells and tissues, the laser beam is polarized in a special way. The background of this laser, transformed us in human computer, such is the. In 1996, I understood intuitively, that one type of helium-neon laser can work in unusual modes. This polarization modes golografirovaniâ. They allow us to read the polarizer, including genetic, information from living cells and tissues. Such information, we have put in a variety of organisms-plants, bacteria, etc.. We have long been predicted theoretically powerful biological effects that sort of manipulation and much published about this. Really well turned out. In fact, It is not by chance that we all, living beings, mainly consist of optically active molecules, including genetic, i.e.. from DNA, RNA and proteins, can polarize light. With, in different ways, Depending on the properties and States of genetic molecules. And those properties and condition is genetic information, transferred in polarizing the photon both modulation orranizmom (laser radiation of chromosomes), and us in vitro. The body sends its polârizuûŝimsâ laser, and then the radio waves, inside- and the extracellular space, and we can repeat this process to artificially. But is this really a repetition? I have an idea, How to do it. In liaison with my long-time colleague-physicist George Tertyšnym we implemented this idea. As a result, we have learned to use a laser beam to control the metabolism of organisms. And then learned how to use the laser photons in homeopathic transformation biomodulirovannye radio waves, that carry the genetic information already on many kilometres and drove the recipient organisms metabolism in the right direction. So in Canada, in Toronto, in this way, we called the pancreas in situ regeneration of the rat at a distance of about 20 km, but more on this later. I Repeat, We have developed not only a new technology works with one of the hundreds of types of lasers, but have created a quantum biocomputers, imitating the functions of laser and radio radiation chromosomes of living organisms. We use laser in red range, But if ultraviolet, the bio computer is orders of magnitude more powerful than. Here I finish physical-biological part and turn in part of the purely biological, more precisely the genetic.
There is such an intellectual achievement, that is called a model of genetic code, protein triplet triumph of Nobel Laureates Watson, Crick, as well as Nirenberga and others. Western scientists. The main contribution to creating a model of the protein code belong to Francis shout!. He, being a brilliant man, However,, very modestly valued its genetic model, DNA-RNA-new, How to encrypt sequences of amino acids in the primary structure of proteins. But this model was quickly and prematurely turned into a comprehensive genetic and simultaneously in trading brand. Can be, Initially this was correctly. Polivšiesâ financial flows in this area of biology has precipitated a, a more complete, understanding the functions of the genetic apparatus. Why am I talking about the model of the genetic code, which for decades by Canon, not to be criticized? Canons and dogmas are good in religion, but not in science. So gradually model f. Cry from achieving a brake cleaning system and money "for research".