Reviewed by Dariusz Sawicki

My name is Dariusz Sawicki, I'm 43 years old, I am a physical therapist. My colleague Nadezhda Ustinov invited me system recovery, which includes sound program, created by Peter Garâevym. In the laboratory of Professor Peter Garâeva said the information from my photos where I was a few days after birth and set up sounds on my absolute healthy newborn status. On February 1, I started listening to audio programs Petrora Garyaev. After the first days of listening, I felt a huge burst of energy and joy. It's like I lost 20 years. I had a great desire to run around, jump, push-ups, laugh. I began to practice. Within a month, my muscles increased by 20% and my fitness - 50%, vision improved to 60%, libido of 50%. When I'm feeling tired, I listen to the sounds of childhood "and am recovering quickly. Many thanks to Peter Garâevu for, his ingenious program returned me youth, joy, health.
Best regards, Dariusz Sawicki, '43 Cork, Ireland.

06 March 2011