Review Nadezhda Ustinova

Dear Petr Petrovich! I express my sincere gratitude for my salvation. The story of my tragedy. I, Ustinov Hope '54, doctor-neurologist. Eighth November 2010 I have had a stroke, right half of the brain was affected, the left half of the body was paralyzed. The pain was so unbearable, I Howled in pain. The ambulance took me to the hospital in Naas (IRELAND). The doctors gave me tramadol (This drug on the effects of anesthesia is similar to morphine), dose of 300 mg of (daily dose - 200 mg) did not bring relief! The nightmare lasted for 24 hours. There was fluid retention, I otekla. It was a brain scan. The pictures were found bleeding. In November, I asked for help to Peter Petrovich. My son sent me photo, where I was 3 years . Petr Petrovich in his lab the laser read information with photo and made a sound program. The wonders began immediately after 10 minutes, after listening to! It was a feeling of, my two different halves of the body connected! I had one! It is the condition of absolute happiness and bliss! I could normally move arms and legs. Depression evaporated! I went to sleep and healthy sleep sleep 4:00. Any drugs to improve my brain I had not received. After 5 days, I had a magnetic resonance imaging and it showed, I have no bleeding, No zones of ischemia. Doctors were surprised by the! But I was silent. My health is back to normal. In October 2008 and in 2010 I made out a disability diagnosed with asthma, right knee arthritis. Due to the continuous use of prednisolone my weight became 122 kg. I walked with a crutch, shortness of breath, persistent pain, terrible depression. And here I am now! Without paralysis! Without crutches! No depression! Feel, I returned to a happy childhood! I lost 10 kg without dieting! Find, the sound of Peter Petrovich Garâeva is a real wonder! They provide emergency medical assistance, unparalleled quality of assistance no. Improvement comes quickly, with persistent effect! I am happy! Once again I bow to Peter Petrovich Garâevu. Best regards, Hope Ustinova. 24.12.2010 On 1.06.2012 year I am healthy, feel good. During all this time was not of high blood pressure, pain in the heart, colds lasted only 2 days, No depression.
Hope Ustinova, '54 Ireland.

21 February 2011