Review Krzysztof Clear

Hello, my name is Krzysztof Clear (29 years). In 2003. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis-incurable disease. Forecast of the official medicine is deleting large intestine and death. Over the next 8 years, I was getting worse and worse. Bloody diarrhea 10 times a day, persistent pain in the abdomen, the weakness of the, dizziness. I could not work. In January 2011, I could only eat bananas and boiled carrots, my weight dropped to 60 kg, height 175 cm. The doctor prescribed me medicine (pentasa), This drug has helped me only at the beginning. For several months I had improvement, but I was sick again and again; also I had to take steroids (hydrocortisone). I was all the time. In January 2011, I met Dr. Nadia Ustinov (neurologist). By the time I was blood in stool, no energy. Nadia introduced me to an academician Peter Garâevym. I sent him my photo (when I was 1 month), and he recorded a sound program for me. After 3 days of music listening I have stopped diarrhea!! I have listened to the audio and watched a video with Spectra during the day. I felt better and better! Energy, the power of, health came back to me quickly! I have a "ravenous appetite". A week later I was able to eat all the food! I'm constantly hungry!!! After one month of listening has changed my life. Now I can eat all, I have a normal and regular Chair, I type weight (Now I weigh 72 kg), feel better, begin to run and train, look better. Official medicine predicted my death! Audio Peter Petrovich Garâeva returned me to life! These programs brought back the joy and health to my parents! In the first place, they are happy for me, and, Secondly, They also listen to my audio programs. Since I heritage their genetic information, my audio and video programs with spectra can be used by my parents. They have after watching and listening to these programs improved health! My mom 62 , a Pope 65. After one month of repeated listening to my audio programs my parents felt a surge of energy, they have improved the mood! MOM had aneurysm of aorta. After listening to sound programs she has not. I keep listening to your audio programs and hope, that my disease never come back. Thank you ACA Peter Petrovich Garâeva for a brilliant program, that saved me and my mom.
Best wishes, Krzysztof Clear, 29 years, Cork, Ireland.

10 March 2011