Review number 5912

Respected , Peter Garyaev and all the staff of the Institute of Genetics of the wave. You have given me the strength and thanks to your method, I again felt the taste for life. Three months later I was lying practically not rising, Force was not even speak. I already live alone and in my 80 years, that in itself is not easy. My former student (I taught at the college in Shchelkovo) brought home to me your laboratory staff, and he with the help of your software just put me on my feet. On the second day I was able to go to the store so that was extremely happy. It's been two weeks . I feel quite normal. I go out for a walk, the market for the products. Forces still not enough, but it is quite another state. I can not say anything about the medical side of the problem, but I had a desire to live, move, Meet all of it came as something at once without pills and injections. I'm thinking to go to the country at the wheel of his car. I am sincerely grateful to you, Petr Petrovich, for your brilliant work, and all that, that you and your employees are doing for the good of our health. With respect and gratitude.

11 October 2018