Review number 4351573

Respected, Petr Petrovich. Accept our thanks for their help in the recovery of our son- Ivan. Two years ago, we came in the Moscow region of Donbass permanently, and all that time go to the doctors, We passed the different tests but the doctors anything and have not been able to identify. Case brought us together with Andrei Mantsev, who told us about your method of healing. Andrey Yuryevich spent diagnosis of the nervous system of our Vanya and determined he had a very strong stress. Apparently it happened after the bombing. We then hid in the basement of the house, but it was very scary, and this affected the health of his son. Just a few minutes with the help of your programs Andrey Yuryevich changed state Wani, once again I made the diagnosis and showed us how and what has changed in the nervous system. After the first session changes were small, but when we came in a week , stress was within the normal range, Yes, we ourselves have noticed changes in the behavior of his son. He recovered the pulse which was 105-110 beats per minute in the supine position. Now he – 75 strokes. He became calm, ceased to hurt his younger brother, he recovered normal sleep. We have once again checked his condition a month. All is well. You have done, they could not even identify the doctors and you have given us back our son, and most importantly – health. Be you, Peter and all of your colleagues are healthy for years to come and bring their knowledge to all in need. It is a holy thing. With respect and gratitude.

13 September 2018